Wednesday, April 24

On Shade & Colorism: P&G's My Black is Beautiful "Imagine a Future" Documentary"

Colorism and shadeism are such unfortunate realities of those of color. For years upon years the idea of being light skin is the right skin has been forced on us forcing many to internalize and others to project this same ideal on their own. Seven years ago beauty company, Procter & Gamble created the My Black is Beautiful initiative to celebrate the skin that we womyn of colour are in. Most recently, they joined the TriBeCa Film Festival, that's happening right now, to screen it's film Imagine a Future. The film aims to empower black womyn and tell our stories and conflicts with issues such as complexion, beauty, and self esteem.

While this story has been told multiple times before, I don't think that this is issue will get to old to share and discuss as it is a problem that is so prominent still in our communities. It's an important story to continually tell and to highlight the beauty of womyn of colour to remind those that doubt, that in all our many shades of glory that we are all beautiful.

The one thing that is interesting and can be noted about this all is that P&G is a global beauty brand that sells and advertises skin lightening products globally. I applaud the wonderful work that they are doing with My Black Is Beautiful and truly appreciate the messaging that they are trying to spread by telling these stories but I can't help but think that perhaps this messaging can get a bit diluted when this very same brand is part of the problem with pushing that light skin is the right skin mentality.

I would definitely still love to check out the film, which will air on BET July 5th and YouTube.

What are your thoughts, is the messaging that P&G is trying to give too conflicted based on their opposing interests or a positive effort by the beauty brand? Also, will you be watching the documentary?

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