Friday, September 27

Adding a Little Diversity to the Fashion World

I think it's incredibly sad and disappointing the way the fashion industry has left colored faces from off their runways, out of their look books and away from their million dollar ad campaigns.

I've never been one that is much into high fashion and haute couture or anything like that, but I feel the sting of lack of diversity all the same. Many of the few womyn of colour top models who have made it such as Iman and Naomi Campbell have spoke out about the problem numerous times, but even with these big voices, very little has changed.

Yesterday, designer Rick Owen's had the Internet abuzz because instead of using the usual look of pin thin white models strutting down a runway, he decided to have curvy black womyn from step teams across America strut, stomp dance and perform in his clothes. 

It's an inspiring and interesting change to what we usually see but is still frustrating that casting more than one black model for a show becomes groundbreaking and big news when it should be the norm.

What did you think of Rick Owen's fashion show and casting choice?

Monday, September 23


I think a lot of us waste too much time focusing on being what we think we should be instead of trying to be the best of who we actually are. Our culture praises people who are rich and beautiful which results in everyone trying their damnedest to be the most beautiful or rich but it was something that Jill Scott had said on a radio show recently that really spoke to this feeling.

Her thoughts were basically instead of trying to perpetrate as if you are the richest person in the room because that's what you feel you should be, work on being the most creative, talented, intelligent, etc. Focus on being the absolute best at whatever you have to offer. And just as important, be in the room. Do your best, so that you can get around the best. Instead of focusing on being like them try to find something new and fresh that is unique to you, that you can bring to the table.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 18

Ken the Webseries: Exploring Black Men and Sexuality

I'm always on the lookout for a new webseries that I can get into. Issa Rae has done awesomely amazing with the work she has done online so far, so I love spotting other talents.

I came across a new series called Ken the Web Series, that takes place in Brooklyn and shows the difficulties that a black man faces when he loves two very "different" people. The series explores issues of race, sexuality, secrets, religion and so much more.

So far, I've seen the pilot and it definitely looks like something I can get into because black men and their sexuality has such an ingrained preconception in our culture that it will be interesting to see how this series shows an alternative view. Episode two just came out as well so I'll be tuning in.

Let me know your thoughts on this new series!

Monday, September 16

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Accepting the Love That Others Can Give

usual, for my Sunday night ritual, I curled up on my couch and watched Oprah’s Lifeclass. Yesterday featured Bishop TD Jakes and the focus was on repairing family relationships. There was so many great points that Jakes brought up throughout the episode, but I think the one that really hit home for people was when he talked about the difference between people’s capacity to love. You could literally hear the gasps when Jakes made this point. He said, the thing that everyone has to understand is that sometimes we are born into families or end up interacting with people who have only a pint of capacity to love us. We may have 10 gallons worth of love to give and we continually feel like the other person keeps falling short. But, what we need to realize is that the person is giving us all that they have. They are giving us all of THEIR love but, it may not look like our own love or the love that we see for ourselves.

Really take that in for a moment. How many times have you felt unsatisfied with a parent, sister, friend or whoever that you love because they just never seem to be able to love you enough. I think shifting your perspective and showing that compassion can help with that frustration when you know that the other person is truly giving their best. Once you know this, then you can choose from there how you want to interact with them and at what level you choose to interact with them and give of your heart. Food for thought right?!

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts on this.

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 13

Hip Hop and Homophobia

Mr. Cee, a New York City DJ has been a major fixture in the hip hop world. While his name has been respected in the industry for a long time, recent scandals involving his sexual preference and soliciting of transgendered prostitutes have now become synonymous with his name. 

We all know that hip hop has long been a genre and community that although started from speaking against struggle, oppression and prejudice has also been very vocal about turning it's back on the gay community. In some cases it has outwardly bashed those who are gay. Homophobia is so ingrained in the culture that even straight men don't want to be mistaken at any point for looking or saying anything that can be misinterpreted as "being gay" which birthed the much used phrases "no homo" or "pause".

In recent years, there has been a very slow shift towards the gay community as a few rappers like Jay-Z spoke on acceptance and R&B singer Frank Ocean "came out" to the support of many people in the industry. But, of course the tide has not changed fast enough and homophobia is still an issue.

As Mr. Cee in a recent interview after his latest scandal and quitting his job at radio station Hot97 said, he still "loves women" but has a "problem" regarding his interest in getting sexual favors from transgender prostitutes. This may be his problem and maybe he does still love womyn, but I think the real problem is his fear of living his truth. Is the same culture that he paid his time and talent to and moved the culture forward with his contributions, ready to move forward with him if he decided to live his truth (whatever that may look like)? That is the question I'm sure that has haunted him for many years and unfortunately I'm sure rings through the minds and hearts of other people in the industry as well as those men and women listening to the music. Will the culture and music that I love accept me for me?

I say it's 2013 and while we have seen some progress in attitude from the hip hop culture, it needs to move faster to catch up with the times and with the people who love the music but want to be accepted regardless of who they are and what they like. Today hip hop has unified cultures where you an go to any concert and see a rainbow of races bobbing their heads and rapping along to the music together. But it is time to unify everyone and really represent the voice of the people.

Monday, September 9


I read something on Twitter a couple of days ago that made me pause and really think about the idea of valuing myself and my time. It said:

 "Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it."

Let that sink in for a bit. How many of you can relate to that? We procrastinate, avoid, linger, spend too much time on things or people who do not serve us or make us a better and happier person. When you really value the person that you are, you become very clear about what you want out of life, how you are going to dedicate yourself to get it and who you will bring with you on your journey.

Be very deliberate about each step you take. You are valuable - walk and act as the valuable and precious person that you are.

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 6

Da Kink in My Hair Atlanta Debuts Tomorrow!

1 more sleep until I debut ‘Da Kink in My Hair in Atlanta! I’m overwhelmed with excitement and some nervousness. I can’t wait for my family, friends and the Atlanta audience to see what the cast, production and I have been working so hard on all these months. Equal parts of joy and tears have gone into producing this piece, and I can’t wait to birth this baby!

If you haven’t done so already, and are interested in coming out to see ‘da Kink tomorrow please purchase your tickets 1-800-745-3000. Come see Melanie Fiona, Terri J Vaughn and Angie Stone along with the amazingly talented cast of ‘Da Kink!!

Wednesday, September 4

The Talk's Sheryl Underwood Calls Natural Hair Nasty

Another day, another knock against natural hair! It seems like we can’t go a week without a negative comment about black hair, someone being fired from their job for having a certain hairstyle and so many more. This week, the spotlight is on comedian and The Talk tv show host, Sheryl Underwood. She is under attack for a comment about natural hair being “nasty” during an episode of the show when it was discussed that Heidi Klum keeps the locks of her biracial children after she cuts their hair. She then went on to describe her co-host, Sarah Gilbert’s children’s’ hair as “beautiful, long, silky”.

Now, we have to remember that Sheryl is a comedian so her job is to push the boundaries, but it is hard not to see the racial implications of her poking at an already open wound. By calling natural and nappy hair nasty in a room full of womyn for which the majority doesn’t have nappy, natural or kinky hair is uncalled for. I would say that her comments were an attempt at being funny and just showcased her ignorance. Sheryl has since of course apologized for her comments after she received backlash for it from the natural hair community and others.

I must say though, that what bothers me during these times until we move onto the next scandal is that a lesson is never learned for these people. Their ignorant comments are attacked with hateful comments, but are in most cases not addressed with a response to educate the person being attacked. I think this is a teachable opportunity for Sheryl and not a chance to attack and be malicious to her.

What are your thoughts on her hair comments? Insensitive or funny?

Monday, September 2

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Believe in the Strength of Your Own Wings

As I prepare for the debut of 'Da Kink in My Hair in Atlanta this coming weekend, I've come to realize more and more each day the importance of trusting in your own strength and inner power. I've been confident before but there is something about going way outside of your comfort zone and putting everything on the line that can make even the most confident person waver on their abilities.

But I've been meditating and praying and really focusing on the truth of this quote. When you have a belief in yourself, no matter what the result of your endeavours are, you can never fall. It reminds you of a strength within that will always persevere no matter what the circumstance. We tend to think that if things don't turn out or look the way we envision, we are fearful that this will be the end for us. But, we are built stronger than we think so we will always survive.

Do something big/ small this week that makes you nervous or scared. Channel your inner wings to hold you up when you are afraid of falling.

Happy Monday!