Friday, September 27

Adding a Little Diversity to the Fashion World

I think it's incredibly sad and disappointing the way the fashion industry has left colored faces from off their runways, out of their look books and away from their million dollar ad campaigns.

I've never been one that is much into high fashion and haute couture or anything like that, but I feel the sting of lack of diversity all the same. Many of the few womyn of colour top models who have made it such as Iman and Naomi Campbell have spoke out about the problem numerous times, but even with these big voices, very little has changed.

Yesterday, designer Rick Owen's had the Internet abuzz because instead of using the usual look of pin thin white models strutting down a runway, he decided to have curvy black womyn from step teams across America strut, stomp dance and perform in his clothes. 

It's an inspiring and interesting change to what we usually see but is still frustrating that casting more than one black model for a show becomes groundbreaking and big news when it should be the norm.

What did you think of Rick Owen's fashion show and casting choice?

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