Friday, September 28

Samuel L Jackson's new video: Wake the F**k up!

I just saw this new video that was released today and I had to share it! It stars Samuel L. Jackson but it’s actually a political campaign ad in support of President Obama…and it’s not like any other political ad ever before!

So some of you probably heard about the book “Go the F**k Sleep” which Jackson narrated in an audio version last year. If you haven’t heard it it's a satire of a children's book that uses a combination of rhyming sentences and cursing to say what many tired parents probably think when dealing with a fussy child at bedtime. Well, this latest video is a play on that audio except that this video encourages Obama’s supporters to get out and vote.

It's interesting to see that US presidential campaigns have gone so mainstream and in fact, many would argue that this was one of the strengths of Obama's 2008 campaign. That campaign really managed to reach out to people that wouldn’t normally vote or donate money to politics. So maybe this video is an attempt to recapture that fresh feel that has been a bit harder for him to come by this time around. 

It’s obvious that this ad is aimed at all those people who voted for Obama last time, but who haven’t been as involved this time around. With the election in 39 days the campaigns are getting heated and both parties are working hard to get the attention of voters and supporters. So do you think that this video is going to work at getting people out to vote?

Samuel L. Jackson plays his part so well…he’s the perfect fit for the part and he’s a pretty vocal Obama supporter. It’s pretty funny and it’s definitely the most interesting political ad I’ve seen in a long time! What do you all think? Check it out here and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, September 26

Have You Deferred Your Dreams to Pay Your Rent??

LOVE this!! Saw this post on Facebook a couple of days ago and I had to share with you all. Doesn't this ring true for so many of us?

There are too many of us that continually defer our dreams because reality keeps knocking us back down on our feet, or because we are waiting for the right opportunity/circumstance. We tell ourselves, "I'll just wait until I save up a little more cash, then..." or "2012 is gonna be my year!" only for the year to pass and you have yet to act on your dreams.

What about those of us who are pursuing our dreams but often end up selling ourselves short to pay the rent or just "get-by". We say that we are just going to take "one more" free gig or take that job we know we deserve to get paid more for but are afraid to ask. In order to grow into our dreams we need to recognize our VALUE and WORTH. Do not short change yourself, you deserve so much more!

Providing for yourself and/or your family is an important responsibility but loving yourself enough to pursue what is in your heart is so important too. Life will provide a lot of roadblocks and awful realities but anyone who's successful will tell you that they went through the same and more to get to where they are. Having faith in yourself, in your talent and in your strength will help you to somehow find a way to make it happen. Trust me, I had no idea that I could achieve all that I have as a girl from Rexdale but I did because I persevered and I believed.

Real success is waiting for you OUTSIDE of your comfort zone- take a chance! No more timidly dipping your toes in to test the waters. Jump in, get that hair wet! See what happens, I bet you won't regret it.

If you haven't already, check out details on my Artist Millionaire Workshop here. This one day workshop will give you real talk advice on how to plan for and live your dreams.

To register please call: 647-771-7086 or email

I want to hear from you! Tell me what your BIG dream is and what step you are going to take TODAY to achieve it?

Monday, September 24

The New Me by guest blogger Michelle Joseph

I wrote an article years ago entitled, “Happy To Be Nappy.” I spoke about how much I loved shedding my chemically relaxed hair and embracing the hair that God gave me.

I was very proud of my article, but I felt an unsettling, hypocritical feeling inside. I wrote about loving my natural, kinky, coily hair, but guess one ever saw it.

I constantly wore my chemical-free hair in braids, long twists and ponytails, but my hair was buried under a mountain of extensions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing extensions mind you, but I felt that if I were proclaiming to be proud of my hair, why wasn’t I showing it to the world?

I wore extensions on and off for the past 10 years. It was incredibly easy to maintain, looked great and it was a minor luxury that I was able to afford.

In December 2011, I was laid off from my full-time job. Although I was no longer working, I continued to get my extension every 7 weeks. In late May 2012 I experienced some breakage and I decided that it was a good time to let my hair breathe and give my extensions a rest. It also would give me the chance to be myself and learn to accept my hair. Fortunately I wasn’t working, so I was free to do whatever I wanted with my mane.

The journey was not easy. I watched an innumerable amount of videos on styling natural hair and I read countless blogs on how to have healthy hair. I spent many a night writing down the products used by fellow naturals and then following it up by reading product reviews. After a couple of weeks, I felt ready and armed to attack my head of curls.

So in June 2012, I did it. I styled my own hair! As insignificant as is sounds, it was a huge achievement for me. I tried a few times in the past to tame my wild hair, but always gave up and ran back to my trusty bag of extensions. But this time was different. I washed and styled my hair and it looked great. It wasn’t perfect, but it looked good.

Even though I received compliments from my family, I was unbelievably nervous inside. I no longer had the security of hiding under my fake hair—I was exposed. Everyone was able to see all of me. I had a million questions swirling in my head—Would others treat me differently because my hair looked “different?” Would men find me attractive?” “Would I be able to find gainful employment with natural hair?” As much as I was sticking to my decision to remain natural, I was a little terrified.

So instead of running to the nearest beauty supply store and stocking up on my favourite “bag of hair”, I continued to practice taking care of my hair. Learning the proper methods to wash, comb and style my hair.

My signature look is the twistout and I love it. It looks different every single time I rock it, but it is hands down, my favourite look.

I’ve gone to barbeques, social events and dinner with my friends, and I received only the nicest feedback. I was told never to go back to my old style and to continue doing what I’m doing.

I have embraced my curls so much that I recently posted a pic of my new do on Facebook. I can’t tell you how scared I was putting “the new me” online. Within minutes I received a barrage of compliments.

I can finally say, that I am truly happy to be natural!

Michelle Joseph is a free spirited writer living in Toronto, Canada. She currently publishes The Happygrrls Blog ( which features entries on just about anything that makes her smile. She is currently working on a new blog- Discovering Michelle, which will feature articles on all the super cool people that she meets. Stay tuned!

Friday, September 21

Excited to Announce the Powerful Lineup of Panelists for The Artist Millionaire Workshop!

What will it take to make YOUR creative DREAMS come true?
Calling all creative souls - artists, writers, broadcast journalists, actors, musicians, photographers, interior designers and so many more!
I have created The Artist Millionaire Workshop (October 20th, 2012) as a one day event designed to push you out of your comfort zone and closer to living your dream as a successful creative entrepreneur!
With a tell it like it is frank discussion from myself and the chance to get in the room with some of the top industry influencers from the U.S and Canada, this workshop will equip emerging talent of ALL AGES with the tools to defy the myth of the starving artist.
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Being an artist is no longer reserved to a side hustle outside of your 9 to 5 job, simply a hobby or for the rare few who are okay living off of the menial profits made from their craft. I will share tips on how to know your WORTH as an artist so that you no longer need to continually work for free. Aren’t we all tired of that word “free”??
I will walk you through my journey of a girl from Rexdale to being the first African Canadian womyn to have her own show on a prime time network.
The Millionaire Artist Workshop will host a powerful lineup of some of the industry’s most influential decision makers from the U.S and Canada.

Kim Green – The New York Times best selling list author of ‘American Idol’ winner Fantasia Barrino’s 2004 autobiography will share with attendees how to broaden their market, be a self-published author and ways to generate income as a full-time writer.

Ron Leach – Casting director extraordinaire! Will address how to get into the casting room and go from an unknown artist to getting work in the city.

Mark Strong – G98.7 FM morning radio personality will share how to boldly pursue your dreams, break into the industry, all while maintaining a balanced life as a family man.

Glenn Sumi – NOW Magazine Editor/Writer will speak about the importance of garnering media coverage. He will share an insider’s perspective of how an artist can get some ink from top media outlets and take their brand recognition to the next level!

Mark your calendars for October 6th, 2012 – We will be offering a ONE DAY PROMOTION of 2 tickets for the price of 1!! Bring that friend along who is always complaining about the "boring" cubicle job he/she hates!

The Millionaire Artist Workshop is only 1 MONTH AWAY register now as tickets will sell fast!
To register please call: 647-771-7086 or email

Leave a comment below and tell us - As an aspiring creative professional, what do you feel is holding you back from achieving the success you dream of?

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, September 19

Happy birthday Jada Pinkett Smith!

Happy birthday to Jada Pinkett Smith!

Can you believe Jada Pinkett Smith turned 41 yesterday? If you have been following her career since the 90s, like I have, then you’ll probably be just as amazed to realize how far the woman who first stole our hearts as Jason’s Lyric has really come.

Aside from her acting career Jada is now a producer, director, author, business-woman and a singer-songwriter for a metal band. And of course, she is one of the world’s most famous wives and mothers. And it is the way that she and her husband Will have managed to balance all of these roles that makes me admire her most.

This week, the Smiths released a music video starring all 3 of their kids (Jaden, Willow and Trey – Jada’s stepson). What blows my mind is that the video was produced by mom Jada with support from dad Will. The last time a song came out with so many family members involved may have been the Jacksons!

This isn’t the first time that the Smiths have collaborated with their kids on a project. Their son Jaden starred in the remake of the Karate Kid, which they produced, and also starred alongside his dad in The Pursuit of Happyness. Willow has also starred in movies with her parents – I am Legend and Madagascar 3.

The cool thing is that you can see that Jada and Will have allowed their kids to create their own paths. They don’t seem like stage parents who force their kids to follow in their career paths but they have definitely given their children the confidence, opportunities and space to express themselves in their own ways. Whether it’s their music or their style, the Smith kids don’t conform to what others may expect of them. And they and their parents have been criticized for it. (When Willow posted a twitter picture showing off a tongue ring twitterverse went crazy. Willow later said the tongue ring was a fake. ) But it seems like their kids are enjoying themselves and from what we see so far, they are really mature,respectful and well-spoken.

I for one think Jada is a great example of a successful womyn who emulates strength, beauty and love. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her and her family! Check out their new video and let me know what you think. Are you a fan of the Smith family, or Jada herself?

Monday, September 17

Monday Motivation: Who Are You?

This past weekend I had the chance to catch the premiere of Iyanla Vanzant's 'Fix My Life' on OWN Network. Have you all been watching OWN? My girl Oprah has been bringing consistently rich content to feed our viewing souls.

In the premiere, Iyanla worked with 'Basketball Wives' star Evelyn Lozada to help her fix some of her deep rooted anger issues. Evelyn has been no stranger to controversy - from bottle throwing, bitch name-calling, jumping on tables and the recent head butting incident involving her husband NFL superstar Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson. Evelyn has become a name associated with negativity, so she decided to take the step to seek counsel and turn around her image.

What stood out to me about the interview was not Evelyn's "mean girl" image or analysis of her marriage but the focus on the essential question, "who are you?".

No matter how we were raised , the path that we've been on or the image that we choose to project to the world, the most important question that we need to ask ourselves is who am I?

Asked who she would be if all of her material possessions and public image were taken away, Evelyn struggled to find a definition outside of this.

We all, similar to celebrities, have a public image as mother, daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend, friend, insert job title here, and so on. Our lives are broadcast over social media for people to Like or comment on. But when you strip this all away and sit alone with yourself, do you know who you are? And, is your “authentic” self being portrayed to the outside world? Most of us are living separate identities between the person who people see and our truest self.

When we are unaware of who we truly are, it is easy to be led into someone else’s vision and live the life that they want. We then attract people into our lives that continually lead us in a direction away from our authentic path.
Starting this week off with a fresh slate, let’s all learn from Evelyn and start defining ourselves by our own terms. Work on aligning your deepest truth with the womyn that you show to the world.
So, who are YOU? I would love to hear your own personal statements. Please leave comments and fill in the blank – I AM…
Check out a clip from the episode below:

Happy Monday!

Friday, September 14

Bitch Bad: Hip hop and the B word.

Have you guys seen Lupe Fiasco’s newest video, B**** Bad? Released 3 weeks ago and watched over a million times already, it’s also nominated for a BET Award in a new category – Impact Awards. The song challenges the use of the B word in hip hop. There’s been a lot of talk recently about the B word and the way women are portrayed in hip hop, with Kanye West and Steve Harvey both getting into the conversation, just to name a few examples.

But this video gets into other topics too, such as the mixed messages that kids get from the media and their parents. I really like that he looks at both sides of his argument. He acknowledges how hard it can be to protect your kids from mass media. But he also calls out those parents who expose their kids to dangerous messages without recognizing how it affects their kids.

And the way blackface is used in the video really brings his whole point home and calls out the industry for its lack of authenticity. Not only is Lupe reminding us that artists are playing into a role, but he also asks artists to take a look at the roles they are playing. By the end of the video, the characters seem to realize that they've been playing a role and decide not to play along anymore.

B**** Bad asks hip hop artists and fans to question a number of things about the music that is being created these days and the video uses some really interesting story telling techniques that you don’t see often in rap videos. But, some people are saying the video is irrelevant. What do you think – does it deserve the attention (and the award)?

Wednesday, September 12

Dating Down: Should You Hold Out For Someone as Successful as You Are?

I recently saw a clip of Chilli from R&B group TLC on Good Afternoon America that I found interesting. The discussion was about the idea of dating down and if it is okay to date someone who makes less than you.This brought up the age-old yet highly debated topic of dating on your “level”. If you are successful, should your partner have the same or better financial lifestyle as you?
Chilli has received quite a bit of flack in recent years, since her VH1 reality dating show aired, because of her insistence on finding her “perfect mate”. In the interview when asked about whether she would date someone who made less, her stance was that she wants to be treated like a princess:
I’m very picky, I guess you want to call it that. Here’s my issue with ‘dating down’ – it sounds bad it makes us seem shallow — the problem with dating down[…]I think that for a female, no matter how much money you make or not, every woman wants to feel like a princess, you know. I don’t look for a guy to pay my bills, I can pay my own bills.  I can do a lot of things for myself. Thank God I’ve been blessed. But I would love to go on a date with a guy and he pays for it or we go on a trip together and — if I have to pay half then I need to go on that trip with my girlfriend, not a dude. I’m just saying.

To some extent, I understand what she is trying to say. It is hard to deal with the harsh reality of finances in a relationship. As a womyn, when you have achieved a certain level of success it is difficult to form a partnership with someone who you may continually need to support or who is unable to treat you to the lifestyle that you are accustom. In romanticizing the idea of love, we often seek and hold onto this fairytale image of relationships where our significant other somehow always has the means to cater to our every want and need.

While I don’t think that Chilli specified anything that was too drastic – dinner paid for and maybe a vacation away, the focus of her ideal partner seemed to be mainly focused on finances and her mate's ability to cater to her.

I tend to believe that passion and love for what you do leads to success regardless of industry. Therefore, learning to find a partner whose principles match yours is key - does their level of passion for life, vision and determination compliment yours.

With life’s ups and downs, successes and failures, I think it is important to seek a partner who can ride the waves with you. Oprah puts it best, “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

So tell me, is financial comfort a dating must for you or is it the cherry on top of other characteristics?

Do you think that Chilli is right to hold out for someone that is as successful as she is?

Leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, September 11

Trey Anthony Studios is Hiring!

Trey Anthony Studios  is  an award winning dynamic, film, television and creative arts and theatre company! We are seeking an Executive/Personal Assistant to support the demanding, yet fair, Executive Producer, trey anthony, in Atlanta Georgia at her home office and the Atlanta based production office.  Candidate must live in or outside of Atlanta Georgia.

Responsibilities Include

Reception- answering phones, checking phone messages, returning calls.
Maintaining and organizing Ms. Anthony's busy schedule.
Scheduling meetings, travel arrangements, general set up and organization of the various offices.
Setting up and managing email responses and creating an email system that actually makes sense!
Research for various projects.
Proof-reading scripts and articles. Photo-copying scripts and articles.
Preparing content for website when needed and sending updates to web designer.
Sending out media/press packages.
Meticulous filing.
Paying office bills, sending out invoices, recording and filing receipts.
Liaising between Executive Producer, trey anthony and various team members in our Toronto and Atlanta offices.
Purchasing office supplies and equipment.
Light book keeping, filing receipts, balancing petty cash and also meeting monthly with office bookkeeper and accountant.

Personal Assistance Requirements
Picking up lunches, prepping refreshments for meetings, personal grocery pick up, (if needed) picking up dry cleaning,  airport runs, dropping dog at vet, and upkeep of home and production office.

College educated or have previous work experience that clearly demonstrates you are capable of coming job duties.
You should be highly organized to the point of being called “anal.”
You should have a professional phone demeanor and appearance.
Must have strong grammar, written and oral skills.
Must have a love of theatre, entertainment industry.
Must be a person who thinks ahead.
Must be able to multi-task.
Must NOT be a clock watcher but a team finisher, and truly believes the work is done, when the job is done!
Must be able to follow directions.
Must be an independent thinker and require little supervision.
Enjoy working on various projects, and can adapt easily to change.
Must be LGBT positive and willing to work with a diverse group of people.
Knowledge of Mac computers, Excel, and Quick Books.
An enthusiastic attitude and a good sense of humour. Enjoy working with the public.
A willingness to go above and beyond the “call of duty.”
A valid driving license.
Previous Experience in the Entertainment industry as an Executive Assistant or stage management is an asset.
* No actors please.
Must like/ or be comfortable with small dogs.  

Commitment: One year contract beginning October 1, 2012, 10-15 hours per week. Monday-Friday, flexibility with hours. Hours will increase when we are in production. 50% of your hours can be done from home if you have internet access and demonstrate that you are able to work independently with limited supervision.  Candidate, must be willing to come to home office located in Mcdonough Georgia twice per week during regular office hours. There will be a three month review period.
Some occasional weekends when we are in production maybe required.
$10-14 per hour. Compensation is commensurate with experience.

Womyn of colour and members of the LGBT community are strongly encouraged to apply, please feel free to self identify in cover letter.

Please send resume and cover letter to  by 5pm September 18th 2012. No personal calls please. Only qualified candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Monday, September 10

Change, growth and life lessons

The last few months there have been many changes in my life.  Many shifts, turns and major transitions.  All this has allowed me to really take a look at how I deal with change. And I have been pleasantly surprised. The things which I held on to for dear life and resisted the most to change have given me the biggest learning lessons in my life. I also have seen that the things which I did not want to let go of have been replaced by wonderful amazing experiences and new things. And, I have learnt a valuable lesson: sometimes God/Universe has bigger and better plans for you than you can even imagine – so trust that. 

I have also learnt that what you think you are worthy of will show up in your life and you will attract that to where you are. Since I've been clearer on my worth and value to others, to society, and also to myself I have attracted people, things, and experiences that I could never have imagined and I'm thankful for all the new and wonderful delights that seem to have just shown up on my doorstep! Yet, I wonder if they have really just "shown up" or  were they always there? Perhaps, in the midst of the confusion, unhappiness, unworthiness, I just could not see them or value them?

I'm at a different place now. I'm truly enjoying the womyn I'm becoming and I'm really enjoying seeing other womyn in my inner circle  also grow in leaps and bounds. I encourage you to embrace change and you will be surprised at all the wonderful opportunities that change will bring!!!

I would like to take the time to publicly acknowledge the wonderful Zakiya Toby who has been part of my social media team and who was instrumental in developing new ideas and postings for my blog! I felt very comfortable leaving my "blog baby" in her hands to co-parent.  Zakiya, is now leaving to pursue her own interests and start her own company. I'm proud to have worked with her and to have also mentored her. When Zakiya first informed me that she was leaving I felt a twinge of sadness but I also realized that I should feel proud that she is a womyn who could recognize when it is time for her to "leave" and try new things. How many of us have sat in situations and stayed in things that we have outgrown or that no longer serve our own purpose?  I'm glad that she recognizes she needs to leave the "trey nest" and spread her wings to fly. And so my wish for Zakiya is not only that she  fly but  that she soars to heights beyond our wildest dreams!!! She has been an amazing addition to my team and to my life and I will truly miss her.  Please check out some of the incredible things she is doing with her new company, SociallyYours.

I also want to welcome to our team, Eden Hagos and Safia Bartholomew, who will be joining our social media team! I'm excited to be working with these dynamic womyn, and I'm sure you will notice some really positive changes to the blog. They will also be guest blogging, so please welcome them and let them know what you think of upcoming blogs by posting comments and any feedback!

I also want to thank all of you for supporting my blog. I'm so surprised to see that we now have followers in  Germany, Australia, Italy, Poland, Indonesia, Turkey, India, Panama, Vietnam, Romania, the Netherlands and the Philippines! I have no idea how you found out about my blog!!!!  Please let me know, I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment or send me an email at

I thank you for being a part of my international community and family! And thank you for spreading the word and telling others about the blog. I thank you for all your feedback. Much love!

Friday, September 7

You Want To Make Millions?

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You want to make Millions doing the work you love? Do you want access to the top power industry makers in Canada! Want to know how to be a full time paid artist?

This amazing workshop will feature Now Magazine writer,  Glenn Sumi,who will address how to get the press/media's attention. Casting Director extraordinaire, Ron Leach, who will address how to get into the casting room! And how to land that role! Mark Strong from 98.7Fm who will address how to be a family man and still live your dream and how to break into the industry!

Turn your dollars into Dreams NOW!!

How did I, trey anthony, a young girl from Rexdale become the proclaimed "Oprah" of Canada by critics?  I will tell you how in, The Millionaire ArtistWorkshop!!! On average, I receive about fifteen emails per week from artistic folks requesting to meet with me, in order to speak to me about the "secret" of my success! Many have asked how have I been able to work independently for myself for 15 years and also make a great deal of money being an artist!!!  In the past I would try to answer all emails and meet and mentor numerous folks but the demand has become too great and too taxing on my time. So I've decided to put all my knowledge in one amazing event, The Millionaire Artist Workshop.  Here I will show you how a young girl from Rexdale, came to be the first African Canadian womyn to have her own show on a prime time network! How I was able to write and self produce a play that grossed millions at the box office! How I'm able to get press attention and how I'm able to be a full time, well paid artist and yeah I'll talk about that "Oprah" label!!

If you have a DREAM and want to make a real living!!! I will show you how! Space is limited, so register NOW!!! Haven't you procrastinated long enough!!!

To register call 647.771.7086  TODAY! 
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Wednesday, September 5

Michelle Obama's 2012 DNC Speech

What a speech made by Michelle Obama last night .

There were so many quotable moments throughout her entire speech.  For a woman who wanted to stay away from the political limelight, she sure is making her presence known over the last 4 years and especially last night at the convention.  She painted President Obama in a light that we (the public) never see.  She made mention of their early years, where they had nothing but love and a dream.   She talked about her husband pulling his favorite table out of the trash and wearing shoes that are a size too small when they didn't have much.  These stories makes him seem more 'real' (whether you think he fits the title of president is besides the point.)

Let's face it, no matter who is elected, they have huge shoes to fill and years upon years of misguided choices to repair, but there is something about our current first family that is electric.

She said something in her speech that really stood out to me:

"Today, after so many struggles and triumphs and moments that have tested my husband in ways I never could have imagined, I have seen firsthand that being president doesn't change who you are – it reveals who you are." 

It's so true.  Being in the spotlight only exaggerates whatever you have inside of you.  Your character is on display for all to see under a microscope.  And President Obama has been thoroughly tested.  It's never easy being the first to do something.  And as the first Black President he had a lot weighing on his shoulders. But I think he stayed true to who he was and is.

I don't know if he'll get re-elected for another term.  But I think he needs to be, because there is no way anyone could have made the amount of change people expected of him in that short period of time.

I would love to hear your thoughts about her speech and what you think it means to the presidential election.
Please refrain from attacking any presidential candidate on a personal level.  But instead lets talk about the issues at hand and start a meaningful dialogue.

In case you missed it, here's a video clip of her speech.

Also, has transcribed her speech and you can read it here:

Monday, September 3

Natural Hair Mannequin

I saw this photo floating around on Facebook and it made me smile:

Apparently a Macy's Department Store in Palm Springs, CA has a mannequin with natural hair on display in their store.  This is the first major department store that I've seen to rock fashion on a natural Black girl.  I LOVE IT!!  Not only is she gorgeous, but her hair is amazing!

According to wikipedia, the African-American population of Palm Springs is 4.4% (2010 stats) and yet they still chose to place a natural mannequin in their window.  That needs to be applauded!

Now I wish that some of the other stores in major cities will do the same; especially where the percentage of Black womyn is higher!

This inspired me to look for more natural hair mannequins but I was only able to find this one:

Loving the short haired look!
(not sure where this mannequin is located - pic from Twitter )

People come in all shapes, sizes, and hairdos.....glad we're starting to see that reflected in pop culture!

I'm keeping my eye out for a dread mannequin next! ;)

If you have pics of more mannequins, please share them in the comments!