Wednesday, September 26

Have You Deferred Your Dreams to Pay Your Rent??

LOVE this!! Saw this post on Facebook a couple of days ago and I had to share with you all. Doesn't this ring true for so many of us?

There are too many of us that continually defer our dreams because reality keeps knocking us back down on our feet, or because we are waiting for the right opportunity/circumstance. We tell ourselves, "I'll just wait until I save up a little more cash, then..." or "2012 is gonna be my year!" only for the year to pass and you have yet to act on your dreams.

What about those of us who are pursuing our dreams but often end up selling ourselves short to pay the rent or just "get-by". We say that we are just going to take "one more" free gig or take that job we know we deserve to get paid more for but are afraid to ask. In order to grow into our dreams we need to recognize our VALUE and WORTH. Do not short change yourself, you deserve so much more!

Providing for yourself and/or your family is an important responsibility but loving yourself enough to pursue what is in your heart is so important too. Life will provide a lot of roadblocks and awful realities but anyone who's successful will tell you that they went through the same and more to get to where they are. Having faith in yourself, in your talent and in your strength will help you to somehow find a way to make it happen. Trust me, I had no idea that I could achieve all that I have as a girl from Rexdale but I did because I persevered and I believed.

Real success is waiting for you OUTSIDE of your comfort zone- take a chance! No more timidly dipping your toes in to test the waters. Jump in, get that hair wet! See what happens, I bet you won't regret it.

If you haven't already, check out details on my Artist Millionaire Workshop here. This one day workshop will give you real talk advice on how to plan for and live your dreams.

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I want to hear from you! Tell me what your BIG dream is and what step you are going to take TODAY to achieve it?


Anonymous said...

I have so many dreams but right now, it's simply to wake up every day excited to do what I'm doing. I know that the job I'm in now is not the one for me but I'm scared to leave the security of this job for the less secure work that I know is my passion! Definitely need to get OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE.

Nadzzz said...

Amen to Anons comment as I feel the same way!!! It's doable....we just have to take the risk. Fear is an evil emotion that sinks its dirty claws into us... *sigh*

trey anthony said...

Nadzzz, and anons! Thanks for your comments. Yes anonymous it's totally possible to go after your dream and step out of your comfort zone! I will be offering some invaluable tips on the blog so stay tuned for that. And Nadzzz thanks for encouraging our readers!! Take the risk! Good luck to both of you and hope to see you at the upcoming workshop! A great place for support and to meet like minded people who are pursuing their dreams!