Friday, September 14

Bitch Bad: Hip hop and the B word.

Have you guys seen Lupe Fiasco’s newest video, B**** Bad? Released 3 weeks ago and watched over a million times already, it’s also nominated for a BET Award in a new category – Impact Awards. The song challenges the use of the B word in hip hop. There’s been a lot of talk recently about the B word and the way women are portrayed in hip hop, with Kanye West and Steve Harvey both getting into the conversation, just to name a few examples.

But this video gets into other topics too, such as the mixed messages that kids get from the media and their parents. I really like that he looks at both sides of his argument. He acknowledges how hard it can be to protect your kids from mass media. But he also calls out those parents who expose their kids to dangerous messages without recognizing how it affects their kids.

And the way blackface is used in the video really brings his whole point home and calls out the industry for its lack of authenticity. Not only is Lupe reminding us that artists are playing into a role, but he also asks artists to take a look at the roles they are playing. By the end of the video, the characters seem to realize that they've been playing a role and decide not to play along anymore.

B**** Bad asks hip hop artists and fans to question a number of things about the music that is being created these days and the video uses some really interesting story telling techniques that you don’t see often in rap videos. But, some people are saying the video is irrelevant. What do you think – does it deserve the attention (and the award)?

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