Friday, December 12

10 Black Women Media and Film Makers Who Inspire Us

by: April D. Byrd

Congratulations to Ava Duvernay on becoming the first Black woman director to be nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Director in the motion picture category. Her nomination and those of other black media and film makers may be over due, but it's still inspiring. Film makers and other creative women in media like Ava give me hope. Media is a powerful tool. I'm hopeful and inspired by Ava and other creatives because their success, along with their drive affirm that our voices can and will be heard, but also honored.

Ava's work is praise worthy along with other talented black voices shaping media and film. For media creators young and old, it's good to see people who follow their passion and gain reputable success. There are a number of Black women media pioneers who are rising to the occasion and serving as inspiration, hopefully for more creatives to come. Here are a few play makers who are changing the game and leaving a legacy for the next generation.

Can you think of any other Black women in media and film who are changing the game? Tyra Banks, Queen Latifah, Karen Civil? You? Let us know your thoughts and picks in the comments section below. You can follow this conversation and the latest updates on Trey Anthony's Facebook fan page.

- April D. Byrd is a Writer, and the creator of