Thursday, April 21

Are you ‘da next KINK womyn?

Are you ‘da next KINK womyn?

Have you always dreamed of being a part of ‘da Kink in my Hair?
Would you love to spend part of the summer in New York City?
Can you act? sing? dance? drum?


‘da Kink in my Hair
by trey anthony
directed by Michele Shay
back in Toronto this AUGUST 2011 and we are looking for YOU!

Monday May 9, 10am to 5pm
Tuesday May 10, 9am to 8pm
*First come first served

Wednesday May 11, 9am

Harlem East Side (upstairs)
67 Richmond Street East
Toronto, M5C 1N9
*No outside food please

Rehearsals in New York City, July 1st-30th
Performances begin Aug 1st – Aug 30th
*Valid passport required

We are looking to fill the following roles:

SHARMAINE – a Hollywood TV star with a secret. She is confident, dynamic and gorgeous. Open to all womyn of colour. Age 20-35. Must sing and move/dance well.

SUZY – A caucasian womyn from the South torn between her love of her family and the love of her husband and young son, who are black . Average looking, girl next door, cute and loveable. Age 18-24. Must sing and move/dance well and be able to do an American Southern accent.

PATSY/MAXINE – A black Christian womyn with strong religious convictions, a sharp sense of humor yet a bit uptight. She is the epitome of rage and grief as she relives the tragedy of her son’s shooting. Mid 40’s. Must sing and move/dance well and be able to do a West Indian accent.

For your AUDITION:
* Be prepared with two, 1 minute monologues - one dramatic and one comedic
* Be prepared to sing a song a-capella and include some movement
* Bring 2 copies of your resume and headshot
**Please note auditions will be live-streamed and there will be a live studio audience

***Ability to play African drums is an asset
****This is a non-equity show, however equity and non equity actors welcome.

For information not included in this call-out

Monday, April 18

Hey folks!

I am now in producing mode for the theatrical tour of 'da Kink in my Hair! I'm in love with the work that I do! And as I do this work I realize how important it is to do work that you love! I had mentioned in earlier blogs that I was working on A creed for my life. It's a ten part creed. I have posted the first five points to my creed and I will share the rest soon. Feel free to incorporate these points into your own life or create your own creed. Wishing you continued greatness!!!

A creed for my life. by t. anthony

1. I must do work that I love. Work that feeds me challenges me and makes me feel as if my small act or contribution of "work" is making a difference in the world.

"When you're choosing your work and you're choosing the material that you're putting into the world, you have to understand that somebody else's kids are going to see that. Somebody's grandmother is going to see it. Are they going to be better or worse after they have contact with your material?" Will Smith.

2. I must surround myself with people who are committed to personal growth and strive to be "better" people every day, who hold one simple values as myself which is to want to leave the world just a bit better than when they came in it. I want people in my life that would choose me as a friend because they truly like me. People who wish to be around me regardless of whether or not I'm rich, poor, straight, gay, black, white, drive a fast car or ride the bus. They want to be around me because they like who I am. They like my laugh....

"Show me your company and I'll tell you who you are." By my West Indian grandmother. * I don't think she made this up because every black grandmother says it!

3. I must not get attached to possessions, things, or people. They do not define me. I now know that there is no guarantee that the people who are in your life will be there tomorrow. No guarantee that the house you now own will belong to you next week. The person who you vowed you would spend the rest of your life may wake up one morning and decide their life doesn't include you. Nothing ever stays the same. Change is constant so enjoy all these things for the moment that you have them because you never know when that "moment" will be gone forever or simply just change in a small yet very significant way.

"The only constant is change." Greek philosopher Heraclitus

4. I must make my health and personal well being a priority. I must try my best to make healthier food choices. Nourish my body, as I would my mind and my soul. I must truly take care of my physical well-being and exercise regularly and make good food choices. Thus, when going to the grocery store I shouldn't "cheap" out and choose not to buy organic food or choose not to buy fruits and vegetables because the bag of cookies are on sale for $2 and McDonald's has two for one burgers! I must also be selfish with my “ME” time and take time for myself.

“Live in rooms full of light. Avoid heavy food. Be moderate in the drinking of wine. Take massages, baths, exercise, and gymnastics. Fight insomnia with gentle rocking or the sound of running water. Change surroundings and take long journeys. Strictly avoid frightening ideas. Indulge in cheerful conversation and amusements listen to music. 
 -- A. Cornelius Celsus

5. I must take risks. I must move out of my safety zone. I should never ever get comfortable with meritocracy. I must trust that I will "know" when it is time for a new beginning, a new way of thinking, and time for me to move on.... Moving on may require me to make new friends, choose a different partner, move to a different city, cut my hair, and take a different route to work. "Moving on" means to me moving away from the familiar.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Andre Gide.”

Thursday, April 7

'da Kinky Hair Womyn are BACK!

I have always dreamt about producing a North American tour of ‘da Kink.
I wanted to self produce a tour and do a tour my way! I wanted to take
'da Kink on the road! Yet I was scared. This was a huge undertaking.
How could “little me” do something so BIG?
Lack of sponsors, money, fear, time, fear, fear, fear… the list goes on for all the reasons I had why it wouldn’t work.
I am finally taking the plunge and I have invested most of my savings and life into this tour. I’m lucky that T.D. Financial Group(my bank!) recognized something valuable in me that was worth investing in, namely myself and my dreams. They have come on board as a presenting partner with my company for the‘da Kink in my Hair North American tour of 2011-2012! We will be rehearsing in New York, and performing in North Carolina with plans to tour Atlanta, Florida, and New York. Of course I had to bring ‘da Kink “home.” So for 14 shows only we will be in Toronto from August 11-21, 2011!

Early Bird Tickets go on sale TODAY April 7th, 2011 $35 for any seat in the house! (weekend regular seats range from $47-$77! so this early bird special is a huge saving! )
To express our thanks to you for one week only early bird tickets will be $35 for any seat in the house! **except for opening night.**
Regular tickets will range from $27-$77 for Box Office information please call(416) 973-4000 or click below for Harbourfront Centre's Box Office and more information.
Harbourfront Centre

Join and "like" our Facebook group where we will be posting exclusive behind the scenes footage of 'da Kink, interviews with the cast, pictures, everything KINKY will go on here! So check it! I will also be posting give aways!

And Yes,sometimes I want to do things big! BIG TINGS! How about a KINK royalty night? Do you want to go to ‘da Kink VIP? Yeah girl!

Our red carpet media and VIP opening night reception is August 13th, tickets will be $99, which includes drinks and entrance to our private reception. Only 99 tickets will be available to the public. Come and rub shoulders with Toronto's A-list!

I thank you community for always supporting a little black girl with a DREAM!