Wednesday, November 17

trey's TVO Interview on Bullying

If this is a subject that you feel your students would benefit hearing me speak about, please call my office at (416)546-6080 and book me as a speaker.

Wednesday, November 10

No you hang up...

I CHALLENGE you —Today CALL someone you really like!!!

“ No, you hang up.”
“No. You hang up first.”
“No you hang up.”

Wow! I miss those days of a good old fashion phone call, snuggling under the blankets, talking for hours to my latest crush. Remember those days when you liked someone and they actually asked you for your phone number, and you wrote it down on a piece of paper or even more romantic they would write their number on the palm of your hand and you wouldn’t wash your hands for days because every time you looked down at that number you would smile. Remember?

Remember those days when your phone would ring and you would jump over furniture to answer it nearly breaking your neck in the process?

How the sound of their voice on the other end would make you think indecent thoughts. And you would hold your pee for hours because you didn’t want to get off the phone and it would be too embarrassing for them to hear you flush!

Oh, those were the good old days when you actually picked up the phone and called somebody or even better yet they took the time out to call you! What happened to good old fashion phone conversation? Now I’m asked for my BBM number, Facebook and e-mail addresses. I’ve had my share of far too many email romances that lead absolutely nowhere! And even if they ask for my number they never use it, baby, it’s texting all the way!

And I know I’m not alone in wishing for some phone etiquette and the return of some good old fashion phone courting. I’ve spent many hours with my single friends dissecting people’s lack of phone manner. Our conversations usually sound like this.

“Well he hasn’t called even though I gave him my number two months ago, but he does text me every day to say have a great day! And he did send me a Facebook message yesterday! trey, do you think he’s interested?”

I’m at a lost for words! I just can’t get into this new behaviour. I think it’s impersonal. Honestly- quite rude! And I know that we all lead busy lives but I believe if someone is TRULY interested in you and wanting to really get to know you, they will take some time out of their busy day too just say “hi.” And maybe my standards are too high but I’m sorry, a quick note on Facebook to arrange our first date is not sufficient!

Yet, I’m a hypocrite. Most of my friends and anyone who even wishes to remotely communicate with me, knows the best way to reach me is to either text or e-mail me. I’m notorious for not returning calls. Five years ago, after reading that most successful people never answer their phone during the day because it lessens their productivity. I immediately stopped answering my phone. I listen to my voice mail about every other day.

Yet, when I’m REALLY interested in someone. I take time out of my day to spontaneously call to just say “hi”-- I want to take that time. I need to talk to you.

And my assistant will know that she can interrupt whatever I’m doing so I can take your call.

And I know you’re “The ONE” because I’m always dying to hear your voice so I will find the precious time at the end of my busy day to dial your number to just tell you goodnight. And my heart beats faster when I see your name on my call display and I will high jump over furniture just to answer your call.

And I will hold my pee and we will talk for hours and hours until someone eventually fall asleep on the phone…