Wednesday, October 31

Womyn sued by husband for being ugly

I couldn’t believe it when I read this story. Even when I did read it, I had to double check it to make sure I hadn’t accidentally clicked on one of those satire articles! But, unfortunately, it seems to be a true story.

Apparently a married couple in China had a baby and the father thought she was ugly, so he accused the mother of cheating. The womyn then admitted that she’d had plastic surgery before he met her. Now, I was shocked to read that the man actually called his daughter ugly. What kind of parent would say something like that about their own newborn child? But the story gets worse.

When the man found out about the plastic surgery, he sued his wife because “she tricked him” into marrying her. Not only did the court not throw him out, but they actually ruled in his favour and awarded him over $100,000!

I still don’t believe that this could really happen. I know we live in a superficial society but this is going a bit too far. If you can start suing people for changing the way they look soon people will be suing their partners for gaining weight, getting wrinkles or greying! And since when is it okay to admit that you wouldn’t have married your wife if not for her looks?

I’d love to hear what you think about this story. Do you agree with the man that he was deceived?

Monday, October 29

Monday Motivation: You've Got The Power - Oprah's Lifeclass Teaches Us The Power of Declaring "I Am..."

"You'll never rise any higher than how you see yourself" - Joel Osteen 
There is nothing more important than the words that you say to yourself repeatedly. Forget having talent, beauty and smarts, if the words that repeatedly come out of our mouth do not reflect this then none of these attributes will mean shit! You can be the most talented person in the world but if you continually downplay your craft to others and to yourself and speak negativity to it everyday, your dreams will never actualize because you are not opening yourself to the positive energy that will allow the right opportunities and people to flow into your life.

This weekend's Lifeclass on OWN was an awesome reminder of this! Joel Osteen spoke to the concept that you become who you believe you are. He described that, whatever follows "I Am..." will come looking for you. So, what do you want to follow you as you go after your dreams? Think carefully about this when you make a statement about yourself because these words that you speak will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. What your future holds is based on the power of your words and will shape who you become regardless of it is positive or negative. Why not make it positive then?

A weekend ago, at my Artist Millionaire workshop I spoke about stating who you are and who you want to become. Whether you are currently working in the field of your choice or actively working towards it, claim it! People are often afraid of doing this because they feel that the statement isn't true until they are actually successful in their field. But I believe that even if you aren't writing for a top newspaper or have a published book out, you should still declare yourself a writer as you actively pursue your craft.

There was a really powerful moment at the workshop where I had everyone stand up one by one and proclaim who they are and what they do - no stuttering, shifty eyes or caved shoulders. Declare "I am..."with confidence! The energy of the room shifted as each person stood in who they were and their vision for their life with each proclamation. It's a powerful feeling and moment when you no longer whisper silently hoping that no one calls you out on the inaccuracy of your statement or keep your dreams to yourself out of fear that it won't come true. Once you declare it out loud and with confidence everyday, believe me, you will find a way to make it happen! Try it on when you introduce yourself to others, see how it fits - "Hello, I am a writer." doesn't it feel good?

Share how awesomely talented you are! The more you declare this to others, the more that their actions and their opinions of you will fall into line with your vision and more importantly, you will begin to truly see yourself as who you want to see. No faking it 'til you make it, or trying it on for suit. You will one day look in the mirror and see exactly who you always wanted to be - no blinking, just truth.

Go ahead and make a statement! Meet me in the comments section and declare the life that you want. What powerful words are you going to start speaking this week to bring your vision to life?

Happy Monday!

Friday, October 26

Debates are over but the hilarious election spoofs have just begun

So the last election debate is finally over and a lot of people are glad to see them go. I don’t know what you all thought of the debates but one of my favourite things about this election has to be all the hilarious spoof videos being made!

Comedians love to make fun of politicians, and they are also ecstatic to have “quotable” comedians. Well, this election has two really different personalities, both with pretty distinct mannerisms that make for some great comedy material!

Some of my favourite videos have been those by Key and Peele (Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele), two former MadTV comics who have a new sketch comedy show. Have you guys had a chance to check out the show or any of their videos?

I also really like the Epic Rap Battles debates – these are worth checking out for the Obama impersonation alone!

Check out two great election spoof videos here, and let me know what you think. 

Wednesday, October 24

Long Hair Don't Care? Melanie Fiona's Recent Comments Spark the Old "Good Hair" Debate Again

As MC Lyte rapped years ago, "Hot we go again!". Here we go with another conversation about the topic of "good hair". Hair has long been a touchy issue amongst womyn in the black community, a topic that is locked and loaded and carries plenty of pain and emotion at the mere mention of it. The weight of this issue leans on the feeling that to indicate "good hair" is more than just the physical look but involves the undertone that it brings with it - an immediate association with beauty, skin color and acceptance. The essential idea of being "better" than...

Melanie recently set fire to this already flaming issue when she was asked about her hair and attributed its length to her mixed race heritage. In an interview with Sophisticate's Black Hair Styles and Care Guide, Melanie was asked what the secret to her gorgeous long hair is. In response, Melanie claimed:

I was born with a full head of hair, and my mom wouldn’t let me cut it until I was 12! I’m mixed – my mom is Black and Portuguese and my dad is Indian so I have a good mix for growth.

With these simple words, the internet was abuzz as bloggers and readers drew their line in the sand in the discussion of whether or not black womyn should be offended by the idea that beautiful, long hair is attributed with being mixed. I personally don't think that you have to be mixed to have "good hair" or a head of thick, long hair that grows healthily. I see black womyn with beautiful hair of ALL textures and lengths everyday.

Melanie's comments and people's reactions to it just play into the age old belief in the community that if you are black, you are born into a life of hair struggle as it is difficult to grow it past a specific length, and that if you are mixed your genes give you a "pass" to fewer struggles with your hair. This is an issue that is not helped by the media, as the majority of black womyn that are represented on television are either of mixed race or wear weaves or wigs that don't show off their naturally beautiful hair. There aren't too many images that show black womyn's hair in all of it's long and flowy, short and cropped, permed, natural and kinky glory. I think that there is less of an issue with Melanie's comments and more of a problem with what we continually see of black womyn's hair. Because we see these same images repeatedly, it is easy to carry on the dated belief that long hair = beautiful, bonus points if you are mixed.

So,what side of the debate are you on when it comes to Melanie's comments? Is she speaking the unfortunate truth or are her comments completely out of line? Speak on it below.

Sunday, October 21

Inspired, motivated and ready to claim my space!

Guest blog by Eden Hagos

After weeks of waiting for trey anthony’s Artist Millionaire Workshop it ended up being even better than I had hoped! Walking off the elevator into the venue I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in a homey, eclectic loft. I had expected a sterile conference room but found myself surrounded by statues and artwork from around the world including a bronze Buddha statue and fun and functional furniture – my favourite was the oversized bright red swinging chair hanging from the ceiling!  

The participants were just as interesting as the space and included singers, actors, writers, producers, photographers and models. The friendly, outgoing group jumped right into the workshop. From the moment trey asked us to stand up and “claim our space” until the final session, the room was full of great energy! Even when we broke for lunch, most participants hung around the room, putting into immediate practice the networking tips that we had learned in the morning.

trey held the audience captive as she shared her personal story while passing on many tips for artists struggling to turn their passion into a career. Using many anecdotal stories, and with some help from best friend Rachael-Lea Rickards who amused us with her account of many of the stories, trey managed to keep the workshop interesting and the audience laughing!

The panelists, Glenn Sumi, Ron Leach and Mark Strong helped wrap up the day with a panel discussion that ranged in topic from balancing personal time with a busy schedule to how to get noticed by the media. The audience had some great questions and many had the chance to chat with the panelists on a one-on-one basis and get more personalized advice.

Aside from the great information that we learned, I also left with some business cards and new connections for future projects. The Artist Millionaire Workshop was an exciting experience and has given me some great ideas for how to increase the income from my writing!

If you were at the workshop too, please let me know what you thought. Was there anything that you learned that you’ve already started to implement? Were you inspired by what you heard? Let me know in the comments below!

Friday, October 19

Ownership vs. Owned: Tyler Perry Drops Knowledge on the Cover of Men's Health Magazine

I was at a store a couple of days ago, passed the magazine stand and I literally did a double take at this month's Men's Health Magazine when I saw Tyler Perry on the cover. What caught my attention is that I would have never expected to see Tyler grinning from ear to ear on the cover of this type of magazine. Tyler has faced plenty of criticism in the past and present about the image that he represents as the infamous character 'Madea' in his series of movies and plays. He recently seems to be making moves towards expanding his brand outside of the franchise that has made him famous by branching outside of his comfort zone. He currently stars in the recently released action film, Alex Cross, as well as his soon to be developed partnership with Oprah's OWN network.

Along with his expansion into new territories, in the magazine he talks about continually sticking to his basic principles of investing in himself and into his craft. A lesson I think we should all take note of. In the magazine he says:

On owning his own things and investing in his career.
The thing about using other people’s money is they’re going to set the rules. So at the beginning I used my money, kept reinvesting in myself. Now I own all my content, as opposed to having someone else own it and me being ‘work for hire.’ That’s the difference between doing well and having generations of wealth to pass on to your children.” [source:]

This couldn't be more timely of a topic as I will be sharing tips and stories with attendees at The Artist Millionaire workshop this Saturday about building financial success from your passion. I have also worked hard to live by this philosophy in my own career as I think that it is important to keep funding your craft so that you not only improve and reach new levels but also so that you can ultimately have complete ownership of your work. A difficult thing for artists is often seeing your dreams and work pulled apart and altered by someone else's vision because they are funding it so they have the final say.

It's my own Artist Millionaire dream to produce more work, fund my own content and open up a theatre in Toronto to provide opportunities to emerging talents.

The lesson in all of this comes down to one simple word: ownership. Treat yourself and your craft as a business in which you need to constantly invest in, in order to build your brand and propel to the next level. It's easy to value the instant gratification of buying material possessions once some money starts rolling in from your work, but it is truly valuable to put money back into where it counts - you.

If you haven't done so already, please check this link to register for the workshop. Take this as an opportunity to begin investing in yourself and your craft! Space is almost full, take the step now!

Thursday, October 18

Getting Into the Casting Room: 3 Questions with Casting Director Extraordinaire Ron Leach on Getting Noticed in the Film Industry

Many people have dreams of making it onto the big screen or starring in a play to a packed theatre, but very few people know how to parlay their skill of acting into a successful career. The film industry is one that most people perceive as impossible to get into, especially in Canada, and also one where you will be faced with continuous rejection. But, with a passion for the film industry, aspiring professionals often just need a network of support to help them navigate the industry and learn strategies of the business.

We're so excited to host an awesome panel of industry power players for The Millionaire Artist workshop happening this weekend October 20th. Ron leach is a veteran in the entertainment industry working for nearly 30 years as a noted Casting Director, Producer, award-winning Director, and Acting Coach. He is currently the casting director and one of the producers of the Feature Film Narwhal, and the Casting Director of the hit television series Scare Tactics (in its fifth season with Sci-Fi Network and MTV) and has also just completed casting the new television series Destination Fear (for the Travel Network). With an extensive resume, he will be a featured panelist at the workshop to discuss how to get into the casting room and leave an impactful impression. We caught up with him for a quick interview on some of the important things that artists should know for those trying to make a name for themselves in the industry.

When did you first start working in the film industry and how did you know that this was the path for you?
I began working in the industry when I was eighteen years old, taking a summer job as an office assistant for a personal manager. Before the summer was over, I had been offered a position as a talent agent with the Characters Talent Agency and I never looked back.  Working with actors, writers and directors provided me with the opportunities to constantly engage my mind in diverse and constantly changing universe. When I retired from agenting, to produce my first film (the documentary feature on acclaimed acting teacher Michael Shurtleff) and to cast for film and television, I did so with the deliberate intention to more directly affect the work that we were producing in Canada.

You are a director, producer, acting coach and casting director and you seem to have lots of projects on the go at once. How do you decide which projects to take on and how do you balance them?

I’m always drawn to story, first and foremost, but sometimes my producer head outweighs my artistic ambitions (when I can see a clear path to get something made) and the business model is something that I can fulfill. That said, I love the freedom of artistic expression that being a director gives me in the same way that teaching rewards me with the obvious success my students enjoy after receiving my guideposts and career guidance.

What is the most important thing you would say to those aspiring artists who are still trying to make a name for themselves?

Don’t try to make a name for yourself; your work will do that. Each and every one of us remembers distinctly every time an actor or artists has moved us (in a darkened theatre, or watching your television at home). We never forget that person, who made us laugh or cry, and that is the foundation of stardom. Building your constituency one audience member at a time, by telling stories through the emotional journey of the character and inviting the audience to live vicariously through your portrayal.
Engage with integrity, each and every story that you wish to tell, allow your talent to channel that story and it will find your audience. Once the audience is engaged, you will discover that you have a name

For more advice from Ron, myself and others, act fast we only have 2 days left!  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get access to industry leaders and gain tools specific to your industry for becoming financially successful.
See more details and purchase tickets here:
For more information and to connect with Ron visit:

Wednesday, October 17

Three lessons that Barack Obama can teach us

Have you all been following the presidential race in the US? I was thinking about the reaction that people had to the first debate and I realized that there are a few lessons that many of us could stand to learn from Obama. Here are three:

1.    It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. At the first debate Obama was more direct than     Mitt Romney. He answered the questions that were asked and he was honest. But that isn’t what most people noticed. The majority of feedback has been that Obama came across as passive and disinterested. In fact, his strategy going into the second debate was to come across as more passionate. This principle is true in most things in life – whether you are auditioning for a part, giving a speech to a large audience or pitching an idea to a funder, the delivery is just as important as the message itself.  

2.    You get more than one chance to make an impression. Although after the first debate Obama’s numbers began to dip, rather than give up Obama and his campaign team immediately began preparing for the next debate. This is an important lesson for many of us because it is easy to think that we have “blown” it when something doesn’t go our way the first time. It’s also easy to quit and walk away. But it is the ability to make a successful comeback that separates the successful few from those who shoulda/woulda/coulda.

3.    Take nothing for granted. Going into the first debate many people dismissed the idea that Romney would come away the winner. They were convinced that Obama was a better speaker and had more experience in this setting. Clearly, they were wrong. Obama learned his lesson and prepared better for the second debate. It’s important for us to realize that even when we think we have something wrapped up we should always over prepare and never, ever underestimate anyone!

Did you learn anything else from the debates, from either candidate? If so, be sure to comment below and let me know!

I am really enjoying these debates but I’m even more excited about this Saturday’s workshop where we will talk about some of the above, as well as many other tips and life lessons to create and attract success. Only 3 days left to get your ticket! Click here to buy tickets today.      

Tuesday, October 16

Millionaire Artist Workshop schedule and contest winner

I'm so excited to share the schedule for Saturday's workshop with all of you. Here's everything we will cover:

10:00am-10:30am Meet and greet
10:30am-11:00am trey's inspiring life story: the highs, lows and lessons learnt
11:00am-11:15am Stop doing things for free: how to put  a price on what you do
11:15am-11:30am The art of networking
11:30am-11:45am How to immediately increase your income
11:45am-12:15pm Getting noticed: how to generate buzz
12:15pm- 12:40pm Goal setting and avoiding procrastination
12:40pm-1:00pm How do you start your day? The role of hip hop to help you reach your goals.
1:00pm-1:25pm Lunch (off site or participants can bring their lunch)
1:25pm-2:00pm   Moving forward: write your new vision, set a money goal,  identify a mentor, create a success team
2:00pm- 2:50pm Exclusive industry panel discussion and Q&A
2:50pm-3:00pm Wrap up

And I'm also very happy to announce the winner of our Facebook contest who is (drum roll please)

Marcia H. Brown

If you didn't win today, don't worry. We're giving away tickets all week. Click here  for more details. 

Monday, October 15

Monday Motivation: What About Your Friends? The 5 Friends Every Person Needs in Their Circle

Will smith has said, "You can tell how far in life you'll go by the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with". Does your power circle look like this? If not, create your own version.

I've been putting the final touches on my Artist Millionaire workshop (Only 5 days left!) and I've been thinking about the atmosphere that I want to create for it - one where we can all connect and share. This had me thinking about the people we choose to surround ourselves with. Our mothers have always warned us when we were young that, "you are known by the company you keep" which was used as a warning to stay away from the other kids that were constantly in trouble and heading down the wrong path. But as we've grown up and released our trouble making friends, there are still a few friends that you should be cautious of spending too much time with as they too can lead you down the wrong path. 

We've all at some point in our lives had people around us who consistently seem to get knocked down by the blows of life - complain, lack motivation, stay stagnant and never evolve. You may love the people in your life and share many memories with them, but spending too much time with them will drain you as their lack of passion ultimately starts to creep into your life. It eventually gets harder to stay motivated and be grateful for the awesome things happening in your own life. 

If you look at any successful person, they always have a network of friends around them who are successful as well. Here are 5 types of people that I believe should be in everyone's power circle:

The Jay to Your Kanye - This person has become a mentor in your life. You respect their achievements and who they are as a person. Stay around these types to soak up as much knowledge as you can in order to get to your next level of success.

The Confidant - This is the friend that can talk you off of any ledge. They understand who you are and what you are trying to achieve and will always be there to steer you back onto your path even when you start to drift.

The Professional Friend - Someone who is in your industry who you can bounce ideas off of, will give you insider's advice and who you can hit up networking events with.

The Good-Time Friend - Whether you're laughing with each other over a glass of wine, dancing at a lounge or just sharing a quick convo over text, this person makes you smile and laugh HARD. Being around them always brings positive vibes and lightens the mood.

The Accountability Partner - Whether you have hired this person (like a life coach or personal trainer) or a friend has self appointed themselves for this position, they are always there to be honest, keep you in check and making sure that you continue to hit your goals. Never allowing you to plateau or give up.

Some of us are lucky enough to have all of these in our inner circle or maybe I described one person. But, many of us are lacking a few or even all of them. If you can't think of any person in your life who falls into these categories, get out there and meet new people, create the circle that you want! There may be those that you have to cut ties with and others that you may have to see a little bit less. Either way, it's important to take an inventory of the people in your life and see if they are adding to or subtracting from it. Are the people in your life invested in you? Do they want to see you win? Picking and choosing who you want to spend time with is not selfish but the best strategy in preserving and protecting your dreams.

Choose wisely!

The Artist Millionaire Workshop is quickly approaching! This will be a great opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded people to add to your circle. Take this opportunity! If you haven't done so already, please click here to register.

Happy Monday!

Friday, October 12

Stay Tuned This Week For Free Ticket Giveaways!!!!

Hello creative souls! We have some free tickets up for grabs for The Artist Millionaire Workshop happening October 20th!!

This one-of-a-kind workshop will be held at the beautiful Loft 404 – Ambrosia Hub located in downtown Toronto and will feature an amazing lineup of industry panelists as well as tell it like it is frank advice from yours truly.

If you have ever wondered how you can make money from your passion project and become a creative entrepreneur, then this is an awesome opportunity for you!

Submitting an entry to this contest is easy! All you have to do is post the above workshop flyer to your Facebook/Twitter page. Tweet us @treyanthony or message us on Facebook to let us know that you’ve posted up and we will submit your entry to WIN a free pass to the workshop!

Psssst as a bonus…If you make your profile picture or cover photo the workshop flyer you will not only win free registration to the Artist Millionaire Workshop but also gain free access to an exclusive fundraising event presented by Secrets of a Black Boy playwright Darren Anthony at Harlem Underground (details here). And, your first two drinks are on me! – only rule is you have to keep the flyer up until October 20th to qualify!

Act fast we only have 8 days left! If you’re not successful in winning, tickets are only $47. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to get access to industry leaders and gain tools specific to your industry for becoming financially successful.

See more details and purchase tickets here:

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Good Luck!!

Start Working on Your Victory Moves!

Rihanna and Chris Brown marriage rumours draw judgement and anger

Rihanna announced her new album name today and it’s got the twitterverse and other media buzzing! Her album is called “Unapologetic” and many have interpreted this to be related to rumours that she and Chris Brown are getting back together.

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about Brown’s recent breakup, Rihanna’s interview on Oprah where she admitted to still being in love with him, and the fact that they’ve been seen together a lot lately.

Well today, even though neither of them have actually stated that they are back together, people have taken to the internet to criticize and mock the couple. Many of the comments are aimed at Rihanna.

Donald Trump (who is known for controversial tweets) tweeted the following: If @rihanna is dating @chrisbrown then she has a death wish. A beater is always a beater – just watch!

VH1 tweeted: Rihanna’s dad and Oprah are cool with Chris Brown dating Rihanna. Are you?

And most disturbing of all, this is trending on twitter right now: Damn I just hit that flight of stairs harder than Chris Brown hit Rihanna.

Am I the only who finds it shocking that people feel they have the right to judge and mock this young couple? These are not their families or close friends. In fact, their family and friends seem to be supportive of them. Why is it is so easy for people to judge Rihanna and Brown, when we all have issues that we need to resolve in our own lives and we know very little about their lives?

And what exactly are people judging Rihanna for? What has she done that has people so angry? She is a young (only 24 years-old) womyn who is navigating her love life under the microscope that is celebrity culture today. OF COURSE I am not condoning violence against womyn. But I do believe in forgiveness. Brown admitted to what he did, apologized repeatedly and served his sentence (including community service and domestic violence classes). If Rihanna can forgive him is it really anyone else’s business?

Life is about making mistakes and learning from them. As Oprah said “I think that if she is prepared to deal with that and is prepared to help him help himself then so be it. I have no judgement about it.” What do you think?

PS. Don't forget there is just over a week until The Artist Millionaire Workshop. If you haven’t registered yet please click here to sign up. Tickets are on sale for only $47.

Wednesday, October 10

Waiting to Be Pretty: Has the Pressure to Be Beautiful Stopped You From Chasing Your Dreams? (Guest Blog by Safia Bartholomew)

We've all had that moment when you walk into a job interview, audition or meeting and suddenly the outfit that you carefully picked out days before makes you feel less than beautiful and not so confident. You start combing through your curly ‘fro wishing you had taken your friend’s advice to flat iron your hair or you can’t help but notice people staring at your more than bee-stung plump lips. Maybe you haven't even made it to the audition because although you dream of becoming a singer the only examples of successful singers that you can think of look like Beyonce with coke bottle slim figures and you are this close to being a not so few pounds overweight.
Are you the type of woman who will check your insecurities at the door and carry on giving the best performance of your career? Or, are you like too many of us who are sitting on the sidelines letting our dreams pass us by because we are waiting to be prettier?
It is no secret that the media and Hollywood dictates our perceptions of beauty – showcasing images of the same type of girl over and over again…we get it!
This past weekend I was looking through the recently launched blog of Tracee Ellis Ross, most known for her role as Joan Clayton on Girlfriends. I have always admired her unique beauty and style. While in some ways she fits the universal mold of what Hollywood tells us is pretty (light skinned, tall and thin), what she is most known for are her unique features – wide toothy grin, Diana Ross’ eyes, and a beautiful ‘fro of massive curls.
In her recent blog post titled “A Culture Confused By Fake Boobs” Tracee describes the trickle down affect of our culture’s expectations of a woman’s body. One that is not a reflection of the everyday woman but of a body that is augmented and modified. While I personally never took note of Tracee’s breast before, she shares that on numerous occasions on auditions and with her management team the issue of the perkiness of her breast (or lack there of) became a focal point as she was encouraged to wear a push up bra. As she describes, “I felt hurt, reduced to an object, a pair of tits – tits that were, apparently, un-cast-able”.

We all know the old adage “You have to look the part to play the part” but where does this concept go too far? How much do we have to modify our appearance to “look the part” and be accepted, be successful?
There are many women who are willing to nip and tuck a little or put in a few extensions to have the long and flowing hair that is perceived as beautiful to get as close to their ideal as they can (which is absolutely fine if that is their choice). But, plenty more women are allowing rejection to knock them down. There is something about being rejected for your looks that can make even the most confident woman want to sit out and stop fighting.
The thing is, there will always be someone more talented, intelligent and prettier than you. The problem is that as soon as you change yourself to meet someone else’s standard, that standard can easily and suddenly change. So, you might as well learn to like what you see and focus on building your faith in yourself, persistence and confidence. Work on your craft!
Get used to hearing the word “no” from people and don't let it affect you. Even Halle Berry, who has become the prototype of beauty in Hollywood, has heard more than a few "no’s" in her career. There are so many examples from all industries of women who are at the top of their game but are not known for their looks. If they made it through the door, so can you.
There is nothing wrong with doing little things to make yourself feel pretty so that you put your best foot forward, but do not stay stagnant waiting to suddenly transform in order for you to go after what you dream of.
I applaud Tracee and other women who are pushing to defy the mold. I applaud YOU for taking the steps in seeing the beauty in yourself, recognizing your flaws and pursuing your passion anyway.
trey will be sharing her own struggles with learning to defy the beauty standard at The Artist Millionaire Workshop. There is only less than two weeks left until the workshop! If you haven’t registered yet please click here to sign up.
What beauty struggles have you had to resist in pursuing your dreams? Please leave a comment and let me know!
- Safia

Monday, October 8

Monday Motivation: Why thanksgiving is not the only day to practice gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my Canadian readers (yes, Canadian Thanksgiving is always much earlier than American). I hope you all are having a great long weekend and spending some time with loved ones. And I hope you had some time to reflect on the things in your life for which you are grateful.

Gratitude is something that I believe we all should practice every day. It can be so easy to just focus on the negative and forget about all the positive things in our lives! That's why it's important to have days like today to remind us to give thanks. Taking time to be grateful and give thanks has been shown to increase overall happiness. 

I try to take time to be thankful every day. And I have definitely noticed the positive effects of practicing gratitude. Not only does it remind me that I have so many wonderful people and things in my life, but it helps to put the problems and challenges into perspective.

If you have trouble remembering or finding the time to practice daily gratitude here's a simple, fast tip that might work for you. Every day at the end of the day, write down one thing that happened that day that you are grateful for. You can use a calendar, or your agenda, but write it in the same place every day. At the end of each week or month or whenever you're having a rough day just go back and read all the latest entries.

Sometimes things are so busy that we rush from one thing to the next without taking the time to acknowledge the small accomplishments. Writing one thing a day helps remind me of all the small victories that occur and the things that really matter. 

Something that I am grateful for today is YOU! Thank you for taking the time to follow and read my blog. I truly appreciate it. Thank you!

Do you give thanks daily? Let me know any tips or suggestions you have for those who find it hard to make time for gratitude. 

Friday, October 5

Why Awkward Black Girl Creator Issa Rae's New ABC Sitcom Is a Win For All Artists

When the Awkward Black series hit the net, I immediately liked the smart and funny content of its episodes and felt inspired by creator, Issa Rae's persistence at doing what she loves on her own terms. There aren't too many opportunities in tv land for a young black womyn to write and co-produce for a major network television show. But with this week's announcement, Issa has shown us all that it is possible.

In collaboration with Shondra Rhimes' (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice) mega successful production company, Shondaland, Issa has sold a comedy called "I Hate LA Dudes" to ABC. I couldn't help but yell out "yes" with a wide grin on my face when I heard this news. It is not only a great opportunity for Issa but a win for all us artists and a reminder to keep focused because your own opportunity will come soon.

Issa had a passion and a very specific vision of what type of show she wanted to see on television. When Hollywood wasn't knocking on her door or even creating the content that she believed should be shown, she took things into her own hands and created her own series in an unconventional format. She did not wait for the right opportunity to come to her, she made her own. She is a great example of designing your own future.

With relentless belief in herself and her vision, she proved that when you maintain faith and focus on your dreams, money and opportunities will soon follow - but not the other way around. You have to stick it out and be resilient. The right people will evenutally notice, even when they previously doubted you before.

With this news, I refuse to hear anymore "but trey, womyn/people of color/someone my age has never done this before". Go out there and get what you want! No one is going to hand you an opportunity, until you prove yourself and your vision first.

Keep this win for us artists in mind this long weekend as you have time to rest and re-group. Think about all of the dreams that you buried deep inside because you never believed it to be possible. Start planning the steps to make it happen.

If you haven't already, I highly suggest that you look up and watch her original series "The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl". It's perfect for a good belly laugh!

Congrats Issa!

I know I will be tuned in when her new show debuts. Will you be watching?

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Thursday, October 4

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Sometimes naysayers aren't "haters" or people who want to see you fail. Often, the people who doubt your dreams are those who love you and want what is best for you. They may have the best of intentions, but NO ONE will understand your vision the way you do.  BELIEVE in yourself and hold your dream close!

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Tuesday, October 2

Are you wishing away your life?

Looking through my timeline this week on Facebook I realized something a bit frightening. For years now, every Friday my timeline is overtaken with varying versions of “TGIF” and countdowns to the weekend. Do you find yourself counting down to the weekend every week? Well, this week I noticed that more and more people are also commenting on hump day. Statuses like “Just have to make it through hump day.” Or “Can’t wait…2 more days until I’m free! #humpday”. 

I decided to look up hump day just out of curiosity and one of the definitions on urban dictionary was this: the absolute BEST day of the week, the day of maximum hope that maybe, you might make it out of this week alive.

Isn’t that crazy? I find it so scary that it’s so normal for someone to go through the whole week just counting down for the weekend. It’s like we are wishing away 5 days of the week just to get to the 2 good days of the week. Instead of waking up every day happy to be alive and looking forward to a day of whatever it is we are passionate about, many of us spend most of our lives waiting for the future. Those who work the 5-day work week and live only for the weekend will have wished away 27 YEARS of their lives by the time they retire! That’s almost a third of the average life expectancy!

Are you wishing away your days or living the life you want? If you spend more days each week just trying to get through the day then you do actually ENJOYING your day and BEING HAPPY, you are wishing your days away. But you have the ability to take control of your life and start experiencing the fulfillment that comes with living up to your true potential. 

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Monday, October 1

Monday Motivation: The Genius in You - 5 Lessons Jay-z Taught Me This Weekend

This past weekend I flew to NYC to attend the Jay-Z concert at the opening of the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. As I was in my spot in front of the stage I had the chance to look around, breathe in and really take in the monumental occasion that I was about to be a part of. Forget what anyone has told you, the rap culture has always been a source of inspiration AND aspiration. The G.O.A.Ts of this culture have shown us how to be moguls, how to be successful off of our passions, why creativity is not just a hobby but a business and how to create a brand built from your authentic self.

Jay-Z, one of the greats, has shown us these examples for years and this weekend reminded me of a few life lessons that I will carry with me into this week and beyond:

There is a genius in us all but it is our job to find out what it is. Then, work!
At a point during the show, Jay took a moment to address the crowd and let them know that he was no different from us. That anyone of us could be standing up there on stage in his place. As he said:
I think every single person is born with genius level talent. You just have to find out what it is that you are a genius at...Once you find out what it is [that you are talented at], that’s not the end of it. Once you find out your genius level talent, you apply yourself in such a way that you do amazing sh-t. I’m a living testament of that. I am no muthaf-cking different than anybody in here tonight and I’m standing on this stage as living proof that if you apply yourself to what it is that you are genius at, you can do anything in the world.
It’s not about where you’re from. It’s about where you are going.
Jay-Z declared years ago, “I’m from Marcy son…ain’t nothing nice”. Growing up in a Brooklyn project, there was no reason for him to make it, but he did. With faith and persistence we can become MORE than our pasts and not allow for it to determine what our future holds.I still have so much that I want to achieve but it still amazes me how far I have come and how much I have achieved since being a little girl from Rexdale who dreamed of being a comedian. Dream big and act, don’t let disadvantages limit you.

Declare your value
Jay-z said it best, “Not a businessman – I’m a business, man”. Whether you are an entreprenuer or an employee, you are a business and a brand. Find out what your unique skills are and be consistent about presenting yourself in this light. Determine a value for what your skills are worth and do not sell yourself short!

Fish in different waters
You will not achieve success if you stay within your comfort zone. Even if you have already achieved success, to reach new levels you need to continue to push yourself past your boundaries.  For Jay-Z this meant hanging in different circles and aligning himself with things outside of the rap culture (politics, sports, entertainment venues) in order to take his brand to the next level. I made the decision to move to Atlanta to test the waters out here. For some of you, it may mean to meet new people, relocate to a new country or city, for others it may be to go back to school or to leave the job that you hate waking up to go to.

Quiet the noise of naysayers
Everyone has an opinion and often times whether well intentioned or not the noise of people’s opinions can often drown out your own voice or steer the course of your dreams. You have to develop a belief in yourself and trust your own decisions. Many people doubted whether Jay-Z as a rapper belonged in the different arenas and ventures that he pursued, but he had a vision for himself that many others could not see. The more people who doubt you, the more you know that you are headed on the right track.

If you visualize it, then you can achieve it!

I don’t know about you all, but I’m ready to embrace my dreams head-on. Are you? Tell me some of the lessons that you are applying to your life today.

Happy Monday!

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