Sunday, October 21

Inspired, motivated and ready to claim my space!

Guest blog by Eden Hagos

After weeks of waiting for trey anthony’s Artist Millionaire Workshop it ended up being even better than I had hoped! Walking off the elevator into the venue I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in a homey, eclectic loft. I had expected a sterile conference room but found myself surrounded by statues and artwork from around the world including a bronze Buddha statue and fun and functional furniture – my favourite was the oversized bright red swinging chair hanging from the ceiling!  

The participants were just as interesting as the space and included singers, actors, writers, producers, photographers and models. The friendly, outgoing group jumped right into the workshop. From the moment trey asked us to stand up and “claim our space” until the final session, the room was full of great energy! Even when we broke for lunch, most participants hung around the room, putting into immediate practice the networking tips that we had learned in the morning.

trey held the audience captive as she shared her personal story while passing on many tips for artists struggling to turn their passion into a career. Using many anecdotal stories, and with some help from best friend Rachael-Lea Rickards who amused us with her account of many of the stories, trey managed to keep the workshop interesting and the audience laughing!

The panelists, Glenn Sumi, Ron Leach and Mark Strong helped wrap up the day with a panel discussion that ranged in topic from balancing personal time with a busy schedule to how to get noticed by the media. The audience had some great questions and many had the chance to chat with the panelists on a one-on-one basis and get more personalized advice.

Aside from the great information that we learned, I also left with some business cards and new connections for future projects. The Artist Millionaire Workshop was an exciting experience and has given me some great ideas for how to increase the income from my writing!

If you were at the workshop too, please let me know what you thought. Was there anything that you learned that you’ve already started to implement? Were you inspired by what you heard? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tenika Francy said...

I have surrounded myself with complete gratitude since the Trey Anthony's millionaire workshop. It was intimate and lively, yet excitable. The big click for me were the 5 things to do for your career before 8. I walk away from the workshop and I focus on remaining aware my lifestyle, from where I am to where I am heading. I took out this day to look at my room, clean it and move around my bed set entirely. Immediately my thoughts are clear of clouds because my room is clear of clutter. I've had a business journal to write the day numbers and progress that I make. Alongside my goals, I will continue to write in it my 5 before 8.

Thank you,