Wednesday, October 17

Three lessons that Barack Obama can teach us

Have you all been following the presidential race in the US? I was thinking about the reaction that people had to the first debate and I realized that there are a few lessons that many of us could stand to learn from Obama. Here are three:

1.    It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. At the first debate Obama was more direct than     Mitt Romney. He answered the questions that were asked and he was honest. But that isn’t what most people noticed. The majority of feedback has been that Obama came across as passive and disinterested. In fact, his strategy going into the second debate was to come across as more passionate. This principle is true in most things in life – whether you are auditioning for a part, giving a speech to a large audience or pitching an idea to a funder, the delivery is just as important as the message itself.  

2.    You get more than one chance to make an impression. Although after the first debate Obama’s numbers began to dip, rather than give up Obama and his campaign team immediately began preparing for the next debate. This is an important lesson for many of us because it is easy to think that we have “blown” it when something doesn’t go our way the first time. It’s also easy to quit and walk away. But it is the ability to make a successful comeback that separates the successful few from those who shoulda/woulda/coulda.

3.    Take nothing for granted. Going into the first debate many people dismissed the idea that Romney would come away the winner. They were convinced that Obama was a better speaker and had more experience in this setting. Clearly, they were wrong. Obama learned his lesson and prepared better for the second debate. It’s important for us to realize that even when we think we have something wrapped up we should always over prepare and never, ever underestimate anyone!

Did you learn anything else from the debates, from either candidate? If so, be sure to comment below and let me know!

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