Friday, October 5

Why Awkward Black Girl Creator Issa Rae's New ABC Sitcom Is a Win For All Artists

When the Awkward Black series hit the net, I immediately liked the smart and funny content of its episodes and felt inspired by creator, Issa Rae's persistence at doing what she loves on her own terms. There aren't too many opportunities in tv land for a young black womyn to write and co-produce for a major network television show. But with this week's announcement, Issa has shown us all that it is possible.

In collaboration with Shondra Rhimes' (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice) mega successful production company, Shondaland, Issa has sold a comedy called "I Hate LA Dudes" to ABC. I couldn't help but yell out "yes" with a wide grin on my face when I heard this news. It is not only a great opportunity for Issa but a win for all us artists and a reminder to keep focused because your own opportunity will come soon.

Issa had a passion and a very specific vision of what type of show she wanted to see on television. When Hollywood wasn't knocking on her door or even creating the content that she believed should be shown, she took things into her own hands and created her own series in an unconventional format. She did not wait for the right opportunity to come to her, she made her own. She is a great example of designing your own future.

With relentless belief in herself and her vision, she proved that when you maintain faith and focus on your dreams, money and opportunities will soon follow - but not the other way around. You have to stick it out and be resilient. The right people will evenutally notice, even when they previously doubted you before.

With this news, I refuse to hear anymore "but trey, womyn/people of color/someone my age has never done this before". Go out there and get what you want! No one is going to hand you an opportunity, until you prove yourself and your vision first.

Keep this win for us artists in mind this long weekend as you have time to rest and re-group. Think about all of the dreams that you buried deep inside because you never believed it to be possible. Start planning the steps to make it happen.

If you haven't already, I highly suggest that you look up and watch her original series "The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl". It's perfect for a good belly laugh!

Congrats Issa!

I know I will be tuned in when her new show debuts. Will you be watching?

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Paige said...

Powerful will watch her show. You write really well and reading every word I saw my boss Chef Patience Chirisa we are too trying to break the mold. So well done to this young lady thank you thank you for opening the doors ! We will c u at the top !