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Getting Into the Casting Room: 3 Questions with Casting Director Extraordinaire Ron Leach on Getting Noticed in the Film Industry

Many people have dreams of making it onto the big screen or starring in a play to a packed theatre, but very few people know how to parlay their skill of acting into a successful career. The film industry is one that most people perceive as impossible to get into, especially in Canada, and also one where you will be faced with continuous rejection. But, with a passion for the film industry, aspiring professionals often just need a network of support to help them navigate the industry and learn strategies of the business.

We're so excited to host an awesome panel of industry power players for The Millionaire Artist workshop happening this weekend October 20th. Ron leach is a veteran in the entertainment industry working for nearly 30 years as a noted Casting Director, Producer, award-winning Director, and Acting Coach. He is currently the casting director and one of the producers of the Feature Film Narwhal, and the Casting Director of the hit television series Scare Tactics (in its fifth season with Sci-Fi Network and MTV) and has also just completed casting the new television series Destination Fear (for the Travel Network). With an extensive resume, he will be a featured panelist at the workshop to discuss how to get into the casting room and leave an impactful impression. We caught up with him for a quick interview on some of the important things that artists should know for those trying to make a name for themselves in the industry.

When did you first start working in the film industry and how did you know that this was the path for you?
I began working in the industry when I was eighteen years old, taking a summer job as an office assistant for a personal manager. Before the summer was over, I had been offered a position as a talent agent with the Characters Talent Agency and I never looked back.  Working with actors, writers and directors provided me with the opportunities to constantly engage my mind in diverse and constantly changing universe. When I retired from agenting, to produce my first film (the documentary feature on acclaimed acting teacher Michael Shurtleff) and to cast for film and television, I did so with the deliberate intention to more directly affect the work that we were producing in Canada.

You are a director, producer, acting coach and casting director and you seem to have lots of projects on the go at once. How do you decide which projects to take on and how do you balance them?

I’m always drawn to story, first and foremost, but sometimes my producer head outweighs my artistic ambitions (when I can see a clear path to get something made) and the business model is something that I can fulfill. That said, I love the freedom of artistic expression that being a director gives me in the same way that teaching rewards me with the obvious success my students enjoy after receiving my guideposts and career guidance.

What is the most important thing you would say to those aspiring artists who are still trying to make a name for themselves?

Don’t try to make a name for yourself; your work will do that. Each and every one of us remembers distinctly every time an actor or artists has moved us (in a darkened theatre, or watching your television at home). We never forget that person, who made us laugh or cry, and that is the foundation of stardom. Building your constituency one audience member at a time, by telling stories through the emotional journey of the character and inviting the audience to live vicariously through your portrayal.
Engage with integrity, each and every story that you wish to tell, allow your talent to channel that story and it will find your audience. Once the audience is engaged, you will discover that you have a name

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