Monday, October 29

Monday Motivation: You've Got The Power - Oprah's Lifeclass Teaches Us The Power of Declaring "I Am..."

"You'll never rise any higher than how you see yourself" - Joel Osteen 
There is nothing more important than the words that you say to yourself repeatedly. Forget having talent, beauty and smarts, if the words that repeatedly come out of our mouth do not reflect this then none of these attributes will mean shit! You can be the most talented person in the world but if you continually downplay your craft to others and to yourself and speak negativity to it everyday, your dreams will never actualize because you are not opening yourself to the positive energy that will allow the right opportunities and people to flow into your life.

This weekend's Lifeclass on OWN was an awesome reminder of this! Joel Osteen spoke to the concept that you become who you believe you are. He described that, whatever follows "I Am..." will come looking for you. So, what do you want to follow you as you go after your dreams? Think carefully about this when you make a statement about yourself because these words that you speak will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. What your future holds is based on the power of your words and will shape who you become regardless of it is positive or negative. Why not make it positive then?

A weekend ago, at my Artist Millionaire workshop I spoke about stating who you are and who you want to become. Whether you are currently working in the field of your choice or actively working towards it, claim it! People are often afraid of doing this because they feel that the statement isn't true until they are actually successful in their field. But I believe that even if you aren't writing for a top newspaper or have a published book out, you should still declare yourself a writer as you actively pursue your craft.

There was a really powerful moment at the workshop where I had everyone stand up one by one and proclaim who they are and what they do - no stuttering, shifty eyes or caved shoulders. Declare "I am..."with confidence! The energy of the room shifted as each person stood in who they were and their vision for their life with each proclamation. It's a powerful feeling and moment when you no longer whisper silently hoping that no one calls you out on the inaccuracy of your statement or keep your dreams to yourself out of fear that it won't come true. Once you declare it out loud and with confidence everyday, believe me, you will find a way to make it happen! Try it on when you introduce yourself to others, see how it fits - "Hello, I am a writer." doesn't it feel good?

Share how awesomely talented you are! The more you declare this to others, the more that their actions and their opinions of you will fall into line with your vision and more importantly, you will begin to truly see yourself as who you want to see. No faking it 'til you make it, or trying it on for suit. You will one day look in the mirror and see exactly who you always wanted to be - no blinking, just truth.

Go ahead and make a statement! Meet me in the comments section and declare the life that you want. What powerful words are you going to start speaking this week to bring your vision to life?

Happy Monday!

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