Wednesday, October 31

Womyn sued by husband for being ugly

I couldn’t believe it when I read this story. Even when I did read it, I had to double check it to make sure I hadn’t accidentally clicked on one of those satire articles! But, unfortunately, it seems to be a true story.

Apparently a married couple in China had a baby and the father thought she was ugly, so he accused the mother of cheating. The womyn then admitted that she’d had plastic surgery before he met her. Now, I was shocked to read that the man actually called his daughter ugly. What kind of parent would say something like that about their own newborn child? But the story gets worse.

When the man found out about the plastic surgery, he sued his wife because “she tricked him” into marrying her. Not only did the court not throw him out, but they actually ruled in his favour and awarded him over $100,000!

I still don’t believe that this could really happen. I know we live in a superficial society but this is going a bit too far. If you can start suing people for changing the way they look soon people will be suing their partners for gaining weight, getting wrinkles or greying! And since when is it okay to admit that you wouldn’t have married your wife if not for her looks?

I’d love to hear what you think about this story. Do you agree with the man that he was deceived?


quinner said...

wow. seriously...W O W

what a statement about our increasingly messed up society.

i'm still trying to figure out how this qualifies as deception... and wanna know what this charmer looks like. too bad the ugly on his INSIDE can't be fixed surgically.

i hope she leaves him and takes the baby with her. adios asshat!

Anonymous said...

Imagine the child growing up and hearing about this. It's incredibly shameful for the court to have ruled in this man's favor.

Chokolatus said...

I have no words that could adequately convey my reaction to this story! Mi mumma!