Friday, September 7

You Want To Make Millions?

Turn a $99 investment into millions! Act now!! 
- early bird price of $99 ends Oct 6 -

Only 50 spaces available -- Don't DELAY!

You want to make Millions doing the work you love? Do you want access to the top power industry makers in Canada! Want to know how to be a full time paid artist?

This amazing workshop will feature Now Magazine writer,  Glenn Sumi,who will address how to get the press/media's attention. Casting Director extraordinaire, Ron Leach, who will address how to get into the casting room! And how to land that role! Mark Strong from 98.7Fm who will address how to be a family man and still live your dream and how to break into the industry!

Turn your dollars into Dreams NOW!!

How did I, trey anthony, a young girl from Rexdale become the proclaimed "Oprah" of Canada by critics?  I will tell you how in, The Millionaire ArtistWorkshop!!! On average, I receive about fifteen emails per week from artistic folks requesting to meet with me, in order to speak to me about the "secret" of my success! Many have asked how have I been able to work independently for myself for 15 years and also make a great deal of money being an artist!!!  In the past I would try to answer all emails and meet and mentor numerous folks but the demand has become too great and too taxing on my time. So I've decided to put all my knowledge in one amazing event, The Millionaire Artist Workshop.  Here I will show you how a young girl from Rexdale, came to be the first African Canadian womyn to have her own show on a prime time network! How I was able to write and self produce a play that grossed millions at the box office! How I'm able to get press attention and how I'm able to be a full time, well paid artist and yeah I'll talk about that "Oprah" label!!

If you have a DREAM and want to make a real living!!! I will show you how! Space is limited, so register NOW!!! Haven't you procrastinated long enough!!!

To register call 647.771.7086  TODAY! 
Seats are limited and will go fast! 

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