Monday, September 3

Natural Hair Mannequin

I saw this photo floating around on Facebook and it made me smile:

Apparently a Macy's Department Store in Palm Springs, CA has a mannequin with natural hair on display in their store.  This is the first major department store that I've seen to rock fashion on a natural Black girl.  I LOVE IT!!  Not only is she gorgeous, but her hair is amazing!

According to wikipedia, the African-American population of Palm Springs is 4.4% (2010 stats) and yet they still chose to place a natural mannequin in their window.  That needs to be applauded!

Now I wish that some of the other stores in major cities will do the same; especially where the percentage of Black womyn is higher!

This inspired me to look for more natural hair mannequins but I was only able to find this one:

Loving the short haired look!
(not sure where this mannequin is located - pic from Twitter )

People come in all shapes, sizes, and hairdos.....glad we're starting to see that reflected in pop culture!

I'm keeping my eye out for a dread mannequin next! ;)

If you have pics of more mannequins, please share them in the comments!

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Ann Clarke said...

Not only should advertisers and media should images reflecting the natural beauty of black hair but (and more importantly, we black women should appreciate and embrace our own hair. The amount of money being made in the black hair industry and not by black people is astounding. The amount of young children sporting weaves and straightened hair is also alarming to me. We are sending a wrong message to our young girls instead of working to combat the messages from the media.