Friday, September 28

Samuel L Jackson's new video: Wake the F**k up!

I just saw this new video that was released today and I had to share it! It stars Samuel L. Jackson but it’s actually a political campaign ad in support of President Obama…and it’s not like any other political ad ever before!

So some of you probably heard about the book “Go the F**k Sleep” which Jackson narrated in an audio version last year. If you haven’t heard it it's a satire of a children's book that uses a combination of rhyming sentences and cursing to say what many tired parents probably think when dealing with a fussy child at bedtime. Well, this latest video is a play on that audio except that this video encourages Obama’s supporters to get out and vote.

It's interesting to see that US presidential campaigns have gone so mainstream and in fact, many would argue that this was one of the strengths of Obama's 2008 campaign. That campaign really managed to reach out to people that wouldn’t normally vote or donate money to politics. So maybe this video is an attempt to recapture that fresh feel that has been a bit harder for him to come by this time around. 

It’s obvious that this ad is aimed at all those people who voted for Obama last time, but who haven’t been as involved this time around. With the election in 39 days the campaigns are getting heated and both parties are working hard to get the attention of voters and supporters. So do you think that this video is going to work at getting people out to vote?

Samuel L. Jackson plays his part so well…he’s the perfect fit for the part and he’s a pretty vocal Obama supporter. It’s pretty funny and it’s definitely the most interesting political ad I’ve seen in a long time! What do you all think? Check it out here and let me know what you think!

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