Friday, September 21

Excited to Announce the Powerful Lineup of Panelists for The Artist Millionaire Workshop!

What will it take to make YOUR creative DREAMS come true?
Calling all creative souls - artists, writers, broadcast journalists, actors, musicians, photographers, interior designers and so many more!
I have created The Artist Millionaire Workshop (October 20th, 2012) as a one day event designed to push you out of your comfort zone and closer to living your dream as a successful creative entrepreneur!
With a tell it like it is frank discussion from myself and the chance to get in the room with some of the top industry influencers from the U.S and Canada, this workshop will equip emerging talent of ALL AGES with the tools to defy the myth of the starving artist.
Only 30 spaces available -- Don't DELAY!
Being an artist is no longer reserved to a side hustle outside of your 9 to 5 job, simply a hobby or for the rare few who are okay living off of the menial profits made from their craft. I will share tips on how to know your WORTH as an artist so that you no longer need to continually work for free. Aren’t we all tired of that word “free”??
I will walk you through my journey of a girl from Rexdale to being the first African Canadian womyn to have her own show on a prime time network.
The Millionaire Artist Workshop will host a powerful lineup of some of the industry’s most influential decision makers from the U.S and Canada.

Kim Green – The New York Times best selling list author of ‘American Idol’ winner Fantasia Barrino’s 2004 autobiography will share with attendees how to broaden their market, be a self-published author and ways to generate income as a full-time writer.

Ron Leach – Casting director extraordinaire! Will address how to get into the casting room and go from an unknown artist to getting work in the city.

Mark Strong – G98.7 FM morning radio personality will share how to boldly pursue your dreams, break into the industry, all while maintaining a balanced life as a family man.

Glenn Sumi – NOW Magazine Editor/Writer will speak about the importance of garnering media coverage. He will share an insider’s perspective of how an artist can get some ink from top media outlets and take their brand recognition to the next level!

Mark your calendars for October 6th, 2012 – We will be offering a ONE DAY PROMOTION of 2 tickets for the price of 1!! Bring that friend along who is always complaining about the "boring" cubicle job he/she hates!

The Millionaire Artist Workshop is only 1 MONTH AWAY register now as tickets will sell fast!
To register please call: 647-771-7086 or email

Leave a comment below and tell us - As an aspiring creative professional, what do you feel is holding you back from achieving the success you dream of?

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

i think if your family and partner does not support you it's hard to go after your dream!

Anonymous said...

I don't look like the hollywood type and I would say I'm just average looking so I think sometimes I think I won't make it because I'm not that pretty but I'm very talented. How can I have more confidence???

trey anthony said...

I would say to both of these comments that if you absolutely love what you want to do and believe in your talent, you have to find a way to persevere no matter what.

Sometimes your family or loved ones will not support you because they themselves do not believe that it is possible. But, I find that if you persevere and focus on your craft people will eventually follow suit (especially once you begin to become successful and get recognition!).

The emphasis on beauty in this industry is really hard to deal with. I've had my own issues with this as well, which I will share at the Millionaire Artist Workshop. I used think, "how can I make it when I don't look like Halle Berry?" but there are plenty of great examples of womyn who are not known for their looks but have been extremely successful: Oprah, Whoopi Goldberg, Viola Davis, etc. You have to persevere because hearing "no" is a big part of the business and something you will have to get used to. And guess what, even Halle Berry has heard "no" many times before as well.

Great topics! Thank you both for commenting!!