Wednesday, September 4

The Talk's Sheryl Underwood Calls Natural Hair Nasty

Another day, another knock against natural hair! It seems like we can’t go a week without a negative comment about black hair, someone being fired from their job for having a certain hairstyle and so many more. This week, the spotlight is on comedian and The Talk tv show host, Sheryl Underwood. She is under attack for a comment about natural hair being “nasty” during an episode of the show when it was discussed that Heidi Klum keeps the locks of her biracial children after she cuts their hair. She then went on to describe her co-host, Sarah Gilbert’s children’s’ hair as “beautiful, long, silky”.

Now, we have to remember that Sheryl is a comedian so her job is to push the boundaries, but it is hard not to see the racial implications of her poking at an already open wound. By calling natural and nappy hair nasty in a room full of womyn for which the majority doesn’t have nappy, natural or kinky hair is uncalled for. I would say that her comments were an attempt at being funny and just showcased her ignorance. Sheryl has since of course apologized for her comments after she received backlash for it from the natural hair community and others.

I must say though, that what bothers me during these times until we move onto the next scandal is that a lesson is never learned for these people. Their ignorant comments are attacked with hateful comments, but are in most cases not addressed with a response to educate the person being attacked. I think this is a teachable opportunity for Sheryl and not a chance to attack and be malicious to her.

What are your thoughts on her hair comments? Insensitive or funny?

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