Monday, September 23


I think a lot of us waste too much time focusing on being what we think we should be instead of trying to be the best of who we actually are. Our culture praises people who are rich and beautiful which results in everyone trying their damnedest to be the most beautiful or rich but it was something that Jill Scott had said on a radio show recently that really spoke to this feeling.

Her thoughts were basically instead of trying to perpetrate as if you are the richest person in the room because that's what you feel you should be, work on being the most creative, talented, intelligent, etc. Focus on being the absolute best at whatever you have to offer. And just as important, be in the room. Do your best, so that you can get around the best. Instead of focusing on being like them try to find something new and fresh that is unique to you, that you can bring to the table.

Happy Monday!

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