Monday, September 2

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Believe in the Strength of Your Own Wings

As I prepare for the debut of 'Da Kink in My Hair in Atlanta this coming weekend, I've come to realize more and more each day the importance of trusting in your own strength and inner power. I've been confident before but there is something about going way outside of your comfort zone and putting everything on the line that can make even the most confident person waver on their abilities.

But I've been meditating and praying and really focusing on the truth of this quote. When you have a belief in yourself, no matter what the result of your endeavours are, you can never fall. It reminds you of a strength within that will always persevere no matter what the circumstance. We tend to think that if things don't turn out or look the way we envision, we are fearful that this will be the end for us. But, we are built stronger than we think so we will always survive.

Do something big/ small this week that makes you nervous or scared. Channel your inner wings to hold you up when you are afraid of falling.

Happy Monday!

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