Wednesday, August 28

"Black Twitter" Reacts to ABC News' Scentific Report on Twerking

I have to say that I am past tired of hearing anything about the whole Miley Cirus MTV awards performance or about twerking ever since she seemed to have brought it to mainstream. But, I laughed so hard at "black twitter's" reaction to an ABC News report that broke down the science of twerking. In the report, ABC news describes twerking as a "complex and technical" subject that only a Ph.D researcher can breakdown how the body can do these movements.

The thing that happens when mainstream media finally catches on to what is common in the black community, is that they are often too late and more times than not, they are wrong. So a trending topic started on Twitter to poke fun at the ABC News report and created their own scientific analysis of other common sayings amongst urban / black people. Some of them were great!

These were a few of my favourites:

What are your thoughts on the recent twerking phenom?

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