Monday, August 26

MONDAY MOTIVATION: IS This Your BEST and highest VISION of yourself?

It's hard for me to believe that 'da Kink is opening in Atlanta in less than two weeks!  I've kept relatively sane throughout this entire process.  I truly believe it has been my dedication to sticking to a daily practice of meditation, prayer, and huge dosages of listening to Hay House Radio and of course  listening every morning to my personal guru, Wayne Dyer, that has kept me mainly, calm, cool and collective and filled with great joy. Also I've been manifesting only greatness so I've been fully aware of my thoughts and asking for support and delegating things. 

Though, some days fear does creep in and that little voice becomes really loud. The voice which questions and taunts me, " Who do you think you are?" Yet, I have also sought out spritual guidance and support.  Last week I had a huge melt down in the office of the great spiritual leader, Dr Barbara King( If you don't know who she is, google her!) I was in tears, snot dripping, nose all red, a really ugly cry!  The pressure was too much, too many people were counting on me,  I was not feeling good enough, feeling there wasn't enough time, enough resources, there were too many things that needed to get done, and the list was endless....

Yet, I was grateful for her powerful words. Her ability to remind me to focus on the outcome, what were my desires? She also reminded me that I was "called" to do this work, that I should maintain faith that God would not bring me this far to fail me. I truly thank God for bringing this powerful womyn into my life at this time! She sat and talked with me for hours and then prayed with me. It was a morning that truly changed my life. One of my ah ha moments!

I also had another breakthrough mid week while meditating, a message came to me, that 'da Kink is bigger than me. I was instructed to release it, surrender it and let GOD. If only five people show up for 'da Kink or five million.... I can only do my BEST.  And this is truly my BEST! My BEST VISION of me, My BEST and highest VISION of myself.  

So, I ask you, each day to think is this the BEST and highest VISION of myself? And if you are not giving the world your best and highest Vison of yourself, you need to change what you are doing immediatley~ 

For the next few blog posts leading up to 'da Kink myself and the cast will be doing video blogs, to give you an up close and personal look into our world!!! What does it take to produce a theatrical production of this magnitude??? Oh boy!  So keep checking out the blog and yes get your kink tixs!!!!


Johnnetta said...

I am so happy to hear that you now realize that you must and will be tested in order to have a testimony. The journey you have been chosen for is not a easy one and the road is not a straight one, it will have hills, valleys and many curves. But know that God has ordain this journey and birth it in you. Da Kink In My Hair is not mint for all to see or hear, but for those who need to receive the message.

Please keep your heart and mind open, and you will receive what you need,. Remember "God will supply all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19.

Praying for you


April Byrd said...

Love this! So grateful for your presence in the ATL. It really is bigger than you know!:)