Wednesday, August 7

We All Have "Good Hair"!

I saw this picture on an Instagram profile, and absolutely loved it! How many times have we heard people explain that they have "good hair because..." often following that with a list of every cultural mix possible - white, Indian, Spanish, Asian, etc. We've heard that all many many times before as these are often the womyn who are ascribed with having the "good hair" that we are taught to covet. These womyn do have gorgeous hair but it's always refreshing to see black hair being celebrated for all it's kinkiness as well.

The little girl's hair in the picture isn't long and flowing but coiled into two big afro puffs. And, she is saying I'm beautiful and my hair is beautiful. In the black community and in society, being mixed is celebrated. I've heard many people (of all colours) say that they want to have a mixed baby so that their child can have nice hair and eyes. But what about the little girl who is just black? And, why should it even be phrased or internalized as "just black"?

This is why we must continue to celebrate our natural, permed, afro'd, dreadloc'd and whatever other kind of hair you choose to have. And show our little girls that being "just black" is beautiful.

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newnaturalista said...

I love this add!!! I am learning to celebrate MY HAIR because I am finally realizing that MY 4C HAIR IS GOOD. I just decided to go natural recently. I now realize that we never learned how to do our natural hair because we were inbred from birth to believe that it was unmanageable and the only way to control it was with heat or chemicals - but that is just not true! We just have to learn how to do our own hair just like other races do - and it CAN BE DONE!