Monday, August 5

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Stop Trying Impress The People in Your Life That Don't Truly Matter To You

The need to be liked by others is a disease that I believe many of us suffer from - childhood even in to our adulthood. There is this almost desperate pull that many of us have, that will do whatever we can to feel important, smart, beautiful, talented, and whatever else we deem to be impressive, in other people's eyes. The thing that always amazes me with peoples' need to be liked is that if they really took a deep look inside, they would realize that they don't truly even like the people that they are trying to impress in the first place. There is no need to try to impress the people who love and care about you because they already think you are important.

Just think about it, the people who you usually truly respect and admire are those who are authentically themselves, no matter what. They don't try to get your admiration or respect because they are simply doing them and living their lives.

That's one thing that I think we all need to remember, when we feel that "need to impress" bug coming on - stop trying to be something and just do you (in whatever way that authentically looks like for you). Being impressive to yourself is a lot better than worrying about impressing others.

I read Jada Pinkett Smith's Facebook status yesterday, and thought what she had to say about this was so perfect:

The need to want to be impressive to others is a substitute for authentic relating and deep connection. As long as we are seemingly impressive to others we can continue to fool ourselves with the notion that those who are "seemingly impressed" actually love and care for us. I suppose it is like "fast food love". But...we know what fast food does to the body. Imagine what "fast food love" does to the heart and soul.

Happy Monday!

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