Monday, September 16

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Accepting the Love That Others Can Give

usual, for my Sunday night ritual, I curled up on my couch and watched Oprah’s Lifeclass. Yesterday featured Bishop TD Jakes and the focus was on repairing family relationships. There was so many great points that Jakes brought up throughout the episode, but I think the one that really hit home for people was when he talked about the difference between people’s capacity to love. You could literally hear the gasps when Jakes made this point. He said, the thing that everyone has to understand is that sometimes we are born into families or end up interacting with people who have only a pint of capacity to love us. We may have 10 gallons worth of love to give and we continually feel like the other person keeps falling short. But, what we need to realize is that the person is giving us all that they have. They are giving us all of THEIR love but, it may not look like our own love or the love that we see for ourselves.

Really take that in for a moment. How many times have you felt unsatisfied with a parent, sister, friend or whoever that you love because they just never seem to be able to love you enough. I think shifting your perspective and showing that compassion can help with that frustration when you know that the other person is truly giving their best. Once you know this, then you can choose from there how you want to interact with them and at what level you choose to interact with them and give of your heart. Food for thought right?!

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts on this.

Happy Monday!

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