Wednesday, October 2

A Mother's Gift of Worthiness to Her Child

I just read about a mother's story who is a great example of exactly the way things should be handled when your child faces any kind of racism, bullying or discrimination. The mother took her son jojo to a Jamaican barbershop in Queens to get his hair cut. The barber proceeded to cut the boys hair almost bald (even though she instructed him not to) because as he had said, "you've got a real ni***r here. He is a native boy....This ain't pretty hair. This cut is the best cut for him". The mother, in shock, couldn't think of a response to the barber but her hurt and anger remained. 

Instead of channeling her anger and frustration into something negative, she instead decided to write a children's book called, Sunne's Gift, catering to black children and hair. I grew up reading black children's books and I try to buy those for any cousin's, friend's children, etc. just because it so important for children to see characters that look like them in great stories. There is so much racism, negative images and also internalized racism from other black folks. I like that this mother was proactive about not letting her child internalize the barber's negative comments and is also looking out for other kids at the same time.

With the negativity in the world we need to keep reminding our children that they are loved, they are worthy and that they are beautiful.

What are your thoughts on books catering to black children?

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