Wednesday, October 30

20 year-old Creates His Own Lane By Becoming the Second African American Driver to Win NASCAR


While black media is still buzzing and outraged over racial profiling in national department stores and the offensive use of black face for Halloween, recently NASCAR driver Darrell Wallace Jr. made significant history as the First African American to win a race in 50 years. He became the second black driver to win on NASCAR's national level. Wendell Scott first won in Jacksonville, Florida., in December 1963.  Wallace, 20-years-old, stated "This Means Everything!" and that it was an "emotional win for him". He said he "had confidence coming into the race and he capitalized on it". 

Kudos to him for his win and having the "Drive" to accomplish his goals! (pun intended.) It's honorable that Wallace chose to follow his passion despite whatever odds were against him. How many of us sometimes allow negative thoughts or circumstances to make us reconsider our dreams? When you have a calling on your life, refuse for negativity to shut you down. Worry can sometimes make us depressed and stagnant, whatever can shut us up, can shut us down. It's up to us to go for our authentic voice and be empowered to take action. Being driven by our passion gets our heart racing, and adrenaline pumping for the better... It makes us alive. Darrell Wallace Jr. is paving the race way as a great inspiration to us all. 

Check it out in the video below: 

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