Friday, November 1

Andrea Lewis Debuts ‘Black Actress’ Web Series with Issa Rae

I always admire womyn who just do it! I love artists who don’t groan about the lack of work opportunities for us, but put on their big girl panties and just make it happen! That’s why I’m so excited about Andrea Lewis’s new web series, ‘Black Actress’. It’s produced by Issa Rae from the web series ‘Awkward Black Girl’.  I look forward to the debut of ‘Black Actress’ and to standing behind it 100%. Us sista’s have to support one another! Community is important. The only way we make our stories stay relevant, is if we make them relevant by showing our support! 

Black Actress is also co-produced by Actress Tatyana Ali who has been a strong advocate for cultural empowerment in the industry. It features appearances by Jenifer Lewis, Essence Atkins, “Da Kink In My Hair” star Melanie Fiona and many more cameos.
The project was created, written by, and stars Andrea Lewis. As an Actress and Entertainer herself, she understands the issues and difficulties black actresses face in Hollywood.  Andrea used the crowd funding website IndieGoGo to launch the web series and successfully reached her starting goal. Kudos to her! The word is out and the trailer is quickly going viral.
The aim and purpose of ‘Black Actress’ the web series is to show black women as more than stereotypes.  “The message I want people to take from Black Actress is that the journey is the same for all of us. No matter what your color or gender is, we all just want to live our dreams. But the opportunities are not always there for women of color and it can affect you in more ways than one.” "We're in a great time as an artist or creative person, because you don't have to wait for anyone to give you the 'ok' to do something you want," Andrea said in an interview.  
Black Actress the web series debuts on November 5th 2013 and airs on Issa Rae’s YouTube channel. Here is the first official trailer. Support, Support, Support! Please share the link as well. Let’s stand behind our sistas doing big tings!
Check out the trailer below:

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