Sunday, November 17

Happy Motivational Mondays:  STOP the crap in your life!

Hey blog family. I recently read an article by Jim Collins, where he studied companies that went from good to great. He shared that instead of creating a to-do list, companies that went from good to great started to prepare a STOP doing list.  I found this quite insightful being that I’m the Queen of endless to do lists!! (I’m sure some of you can relate!)  So I sat down Sunday morning and thought of the top 5 things that I will now stop doing, personally, emotionally and also in business.

My Five-STOP Doing:   ** I cheated and did six!
     1.     I will STOP making my health and well being a low priority.
     2.     I will STOP adding new projects to 2013-14 without really considering if I have the time to 
          complete them.
     3.     I will STOP comparing myself to other womyn, be it dress size, beauty, success, hairstyle etc.      
          Instead I will affirm my own beauty and my own success.
     4.     I will STOP ignoring my gut feeling about things in my life, new opportunities, folks that I    
          meet, etc. I will listen to my gut instincts on things and trust that I’m right.
     5.     I will STOP “leading a busy life, and instead lead a disciplined life!”  I read this quote 
          somewhere and it really resonated with me.
     6.     I will STOP being judgmental of my loved ones, friends, and family and be more forgiving.

What 5 things would be on your STOP doing list? Please comment and share to inspire others.


April Byrd said...

1. stop getting distracted with other social media posts and do what i logged on to do. lol.

2. stop blaming my circumstances for and start going forward.

3. stop procrastinating on my book.

4. stop believing everything people say.

5. stop allowing the moods of others to dictate my mood.

Ajike Akande said...

I love #1 April Byrd!