Friday, November 22

Kanye West Debuts New Video with Kim Kardashian

This week Kanye West premiered his new music video exclusively on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He talked about his relationship with Kim Kardashian, his proposal, and baby North. So How exactly do we feel about "Kimye"? Is it a love/hate thing? They're the most talked about couple in the world and now they have a video. Kanye was heavily involved with the concept and editing of the video. The visual for his song "Bound 2" with vocals by singer R&B singer Charlie Wilson includes Kim happily riding topless on a motorbike. The new video is creating a lot of buzz.  I must admit I wasn't that impressed with it and didn't like it all that much.  

What are your thoughts about it?

Check out the video below:


April Byrd said...

this whole thing is so weird! I honestly thought is was a joke watching it on the Ellen show at first!

Anonymous said...

I found the video very strange. Not very good except to exploit her. She is basically known for only her physically body. It was nothing more than black man's trophy to say look everyone this is my women.