Friday, October 18

A Young Boy Asks Members of a Church Congregation to Adopt Him

I'm blown away by this young boy, Davion Only's courage. Inspired by the saying "God only helps those who help themselves", Only decided that in the face of growing up in a foster home for all of his young life that he would help himself. I'm sure he is tired of the system that is set up to help children like him yet has failed to find him a permanent home.

In helping himself, Only decided that he would go to a church in St. Petersberg, Florida to see if anyone was willing to adopt him. This breaks my heart for all of the young men and women who so desperately want a home to call their own. This is exactly why my heart is set on adopting a family because there are too many children out here who just want to be loved and have no one.

Two couples inquired at the church that Only went to, but he has yet to find a permanent home. With his level of courage and determination, I'm sure he will find someone soon. He is definitely an inspiration to us all.

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