Wednesday, April 10

A Few About To Be Released Films You Need To Know About

I've been seeing promos and trailers to quite a few movies recently that I can't wait to see. I'm really liking the direction that some of the films coming out this Spring and Summer - documentaries and indie flicks to big budget films and plenty of diversity.

Here are a few that I caught the trailers for and am already planning to go watch:

Free Angela & All Political Prisoners

I've always been interested in the story of strong black womyn, activist and political icon, Angela Davis. The story which will be told by Angela herself and those closest to the events gives this film an authenticity that I appreciate because often times in the movie world, someones story is recreated without their involvement which gives it the "Hollywood" spin instead of the grounded truth.


The life story of Jackie Robinson, the first black player to play in the baseball big leagues, is a story of inspiration and resilience that is an important one to tell. It's a big budget film starring Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman and I'm just happy to see the story of a black legend played out on the big screen and to have his story told. There needs to be more of this for many other of our legends as well.

The Great Gatsby

The American dream and all that it represents was played out in F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel. I can't wait to see such great actors (Leonardo Dicaprio, Tobey Maguire, etc) bring this story to life. I also love that Jay-Z will score the soundtrack for the movie with a track list including Beyonce, Andre 3000, Emilé Sande and so many more! Can't wait to watch and hear the soundtrack to this movie.

Will you be checking out these movies or any others?

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