Monday, April 15

MONDAY MOTIVATION: What Rick Ross' Lyric Controversy Can Teach Us About the Art of An Apology

Rapper, Rick Ross’ recent controversy with his lyrics that many felt promoted date rape and resulted in him being dropped from major endorsements such as Reebok was a definite indication that learning the art of an apology is a required skill that we must learn as we mature. While in many cases the hurt and damaged caused is far past a small apology, it is important none the less to show regret. Some people feel that apologizing makes them weak or that there is no point in saying it because the damage is already done. But, I think there is nothing wrong with being humble sometimes and expressing your regret for hurting someone else’s feelings.

There are a few steps that are important to follow in giving an apology:

Own up to your wrongs
Fess up and take responsibility for what you have done. In the rapper’s case, he first denied that his lyrics were hurtful or controversial. He placed blame on the media for creating a bigger hype around a situation that was small. His denial led to people feeling even more upset with him and disrespected by him.

Say I’m sorry urgently
Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. Just simply say, “I’m sorry”. Your urgency will show others that you are serious and are considerate of our feelings

Take Action
Sometimes sorry isn’t enough and action needs to follow. In Ross’ case an apology was not enough, so now it is important for him to genuinely right his wrongs. Perhaps he can volunteer with organizations or take part in a cause dealing with womyn so that he can learn more about it and learn some sensitivity with the issue.

These are the first few steps but the major key in apologizing is to truly mean it.

What’s your apology style?

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