Friday, April 12

Loving My Zumba Fitness Classes!

Loving my zumba fitness classes! I started taking zumba classes recently because I wanted to try a new and fun way to get fit and I've been loving it ever since! In my efforts to reinvent myself and get to new levels emotionally, physically and mentally I've been trying new things and throwing myself into new experiences. I'm realizing that as simple as it may sound, the key to being more active and living a healthier lifestyle is to find ways to enjoy it instead of looking at it as something you "have" to do.

I’m really looking forward to attending my classes and want to sign up for more. Plus it’s a great way to meet new people! Maybe for you it’s about taking a hip hop class or channeling your inner ballerina, or maybe you’ve always wanted to be a runner. Join a runner’s club. Working out doesn’t all have to be about pumping iron and trainers. I’m learning and loving this new thought.

What activities do you enjoy doing? Finish your week off strong by signing up or starting a new fitness hobby!