Monday, April 22

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Cancer Survivor Wears Tattoos Over Breast as Badge of Honour

I saw a picture of this womyn, Kelly Davidson, in passing when just browsing pages on the Internet and immediately had to click to read more. She beat both breast and thyroid cancer and got a tattoo to celebrate her survival. One of the biggest thing that womyn battle with emotionally when going through breast cancer and having to have a mastectomy, is the feeling of losing the beauty and femininity that breast symbolizes. I love and respect Kelly's bravery and resilience as she has found a way to celebrate and truly appreciate  the body that she is in after going through such a difficult journey.

She said in an interview with Toronto Star, "It's my badge of honor and strength. It reminds me everyday of the battles I've overcome. I've won this war and hopefully I've beat it completely."

There is such a huge message in this for all of us in loving who we are and what we look like no matter the circumstance. We have the power to define our own beauty. Our bodies are meant to be celebrated for it's strength and appreciated for being the beautiful vehicle that takes us through our lives. A trip that many people have had cut too short. So why not love and celebrate who we are and what we look like today.

Happy Monday!

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