Wednesday, April 17

Dove's Real Beauty Sketch Campaign

Many of us womyn can point out about 100 of our "flaws" but as soon as someone asks us to pinpoint what makes us beautiful or amazing, we are a lot less forthcoming. It's a question that has been asked and we need to continually ask ourselves until we truly get it, " why can others see the beauty that we don't see in ourselves?".
I love this new Dove commercial that exemplifies this idea with a forensic sketcher and unsuspecting womyn who are asked to describe themselves in factual terms to create a self portrait and then strangers are asked to describe these womyn as well to compare the sketched outcomes side by side. In all cases, the strangers' sketches of the womyn turned out more beautiful than the ones described by the ones who the picture is of. We often focus on our own flaws while others tend to look at what makes us beautiful.
What do you all think, did Dove do a good job of showcasing our tendency to think we are less than we are?


sassytri.wordpress said...

I like the new Dove Sketches campaign, but it really made me think about the even bigger issues of beauty, pressure, guilty, etc that face women in our society

Naomi said...

I appreciated what they tried to do but I noticed that there was only one dark-skinned woman in there. I would've liked to see the rest of us better represented.