Monday, April 1

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Tick a Few Travel Destinations Off of Your Bucketlist

What places are on your travel bucketlist? I think it's important for us all to have a list of places that we dream of seeing and eventually get to live and experience that dream - whether it is within your city, state, province or worldwide, there are so many exciting and inspiring spots to check out.

As you read this post, I've gotten the opportunity to scratch Turks & Caicos off of my bucketlist with a celebration trip there for my dirty 40! I feel so blessed to be waking up to sunshine, feeling the sand slip between my toes and bathing in some of the bluest and clearest water I've seen. But, there are so many places that I want to explore each year!

Whether you travel with your family, significant other, your friends or even by yourself, travel is a luxury that I believe everyone should make a priority. If it seems too expensive for your budget right now, set aside a bit of money each month in a jar and cover it with pictures of all of the destinations you wish to see. Before you know it, I'm sure you can start ticking more than a few off of your list.

Here are just a few that are on my list and that I think would be great to check out:

New Orleans - the food, the music, the culture...and the FOOD is enough reason to check out this spot. This has been on my spot for awhile and I am hoping to take a trip there soon. The Essence music festival happens there every year and features an awesome lineup of artists of many genres as well as plenty of inspirational workshops.

South Africa - the rich culture, historical depth and beautiful back drop are all reasons why I want to explore from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Bora Bora - imagine waking up to crystal clear blue water surrounding you as your hotel is a small hut hovering over the water. This destination just seems too beautiful to miss. Definitely a must see for me!

What are some destinations that you would love to check out? Start planning your dream trip today!

Happy Monday!

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