Monday, April 8


April is Stress Awareness Month but I’m sure many of you are thinking that you don’t need a month to be aware of the overwhelming feeling of stress. Maybe your car broke down and the mechanics bill is not something you financially prepared for, or your child’s school has called to talk about his/her behavior, maybe you are dealing with an illness in the family or trying your best to balance your demanding work and home life while still trying to find some “me” time. There are so many causes of stress and the list can go on forever! But what’s important about this month and everyday is finding ways to cope with and manage your stress. I have many people in my family who have high blood pressure or have found stress manifesting in their life in some way through their health. As I grow older and am more aware of my health, I am determined to not have these same issues.

Personally, I’ve found that meditation has helped me manage my stress and hectic schedule. Mainly because it allows me to tap into my inner voice and gives me time to really listen to my thoughts and feelings so that I can get a clear perspective on whatever issue I am dealing with but also because it gives me that time to myself to just take care of and be kind to me. I really enjoy it and have noticed the difference as I have been practicing more consistently.

I’ve included a video above on how to include meditation into your life. It’s helped me so much!

Let me know what methods you’ve found that work to deal with stress. Or, if you practice meditation what benefits have you seen?

Happy Monday!

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