Wednesday, January 30

In Her Artist Shoes: Entertainer, Cindy Ashton on Learning To Triumph Against All Odds

Cindy Ashton is a modern day renaissance womyn - as a singer/entertainer, author and speaker coach, she pretty much does it all! Born with only a 20% chance of living, Cindy knows the idea of exceeding other people's expectations of you. She proves that you can make your dreams happen when you fight for it! Very happy to have Cindy as a panelist at The Millionaire Artist workshop this Saturday, as I know she will have a lot of wisdom to share. (Reserve your spot here: Eventbrite)

The life changing experience that convinced her to go for her dreams
I always knew I was meant to perform since I was a fetus swimming in my mom's belly. I was born with a 20% chance of living, underwent 3 heart surgeries by age 14 and was told I would never be able to be healthy enough to dance or sing (I had a damaged lung). At age 13, I shared a hospital room with a girl named Stephanie. Like me she went through several heart surgeries and didn't know if she was going to live beyond her teens or not. We made a pact that we would both survive and I would become a world class performer and she would become the world's greatest heart surgeon. I was released from the hospital for a few months. When I got re-admitted at 14 years old, I kept asking the nurses where Stephanie was and they kept avoiding my questions. Eventually a nurse pulled me aside and told me that Stephanie died. Part of me felt guilty and unworthy to live but the other part of me KNEW I had to live and make my dreams happen for both of us. Watch the video on: = it has the story.

Who she looks up to in the industry
Madonna - since she appeared on the scene when I was 7. She is always willing to push boundaries & get people questioning society norms; she is a fantastic performer (in terms of the energy & creativity she gives, not the actual singing voice); a brilliant business woman and has a real pulse on trends and creating trends.

Best piece of advice given
Just be yourself... that is enough.

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Check out what an attendee had to say about my last workshop below: an eye-opening & life changing experience!

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