Friday, January 4

Embrace 'Da Kink: A Womyn's Inspiring Natural Hair Journey to Self-Love

Beauty is embracing EVERY aspect of who we are naturally, no matter how different we may appear - Kayla Enigma

I saw this over at Black Girl Long Hair and had to share with you all. The womyn above, Kayla Enigma, created an incredibly creative and motivational post-it note style video on Youtube detailing her hair journey back to her natural roots. What was most inspiring about her video was not that she is a beautiful womyn or that she achieved an amazing 'fro of curls, but that she documented her journey to discovering exactly who she truly is in the process.

As black womyn we have all been through the same battle, trying countless hairstyles and endlessly searching for solutions to "tame" our hair. From the scalding burn of the hot comb, we begin relaxing our hair as young womyn, to the damage and hair loss. We've been through it and back to feel beautiful, to feel accepted.

I applaud this young lady for her creativity, for confronting her insecurities and for re-defining the word pretty to be something that suites her uniquely on her own terms.

Much love to all you ladies embracing 'da kink in your hair!

Check out the video below and meet me in the comments section to let me know your thoughts.

Happy Friday!


Natural hair said...

Your hair look more curly which suits and also beautiful..

Makesha Harris said...

Anyone know what happened to her and her work? Cant find her online. Hope all is well