Friday, January 25

Tip # 5 Last day of the Artist Challenge! Be a student of your craft.

Educate yourself; find out what other people are doing in your industry! I'm always shocked when people who are in theatre express that they don't go out to theatre related events. Or painters don't go out to gallery openings, or film makers don't watch films! When my artistic coaching clients inform me that they don't attend arts related events I'm in utter dismay! 

Always be a student of your craft! Once per week I either watch a movie or go out to see theatre. I also spend money on buying books on the industry, attending workshops to educate and empower myself. I'm an avid learner. A life time learner. I never believe I know everything! 

Grasp every opportunity to learn and to delve more into the industry! I've met some wonderful people in my career because I have attended industry showcases, poetry shows, monologue 
                                                                                      slams,  openings of various films, or gone to networking events!

At the workshop I will share an invaluable tip on how to network effectively. That's why I strongly encourage you to attend the Millionaire Artist Workshop, so you can learn, share, and network!

Some great events are going on in the city this month and next month, include Dwayne Morgan's, When Sisters Speak, Warren Salmon's First Friday, and our amazing panelist Olunike Adeliyi is hosting a monologue slam! Be sure to check out these events and the many others

And of course, I hope to see you at the Millionaire Artist workshop! Register now, email me at to give me feedback on the Millionaire Artist Challenge this week or facebook or tweet me! Good luck! 

The winner of yesterday's Millionaire Artist Challenge is Carol Allen! She was the 7th person to facebook me yesterday, stating she wanted to get paid and paid damn well! Carol, you have 24 hours to claim your prize! 

Want to be today's winner? Be the 10th person to facebook me and name one event that is going on in the city this month or next that I mentioned. It's that easy! 

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