Friday, January 18

In Her Artist Shoes: Actress & CTV Flashpoint's, Oluniké Adeliyi + My Challenge Inspired By Jay-Z

Canadian born actress, Oluniké Adeliyi is a truly talented womyn and actress. With an impressive resume that includes starring in CTV's successful series, Flashpoint; a film role in Saw 3D (2010) and a television appearance on The Listener. Her story proves that success will come if you believe in yourself and work hard to master your craft. I'm so happy to have her as a panelist at my Millionaire Artist Workshop! I know that this womyn is filled with so much valuable advice to share with all of you.

Here are 3 things I learned about Oluniké:
On discovering her passion
I was an actor straight from the womb. I began to pursue it professionally after an encounter with Denzel Washington on the set of "John Q". He took a special interest in me and lectured me daily with fantastic advice on how to approach the industry. He suggested studying theatre in NY and I did it. He suggested fine tuning my skills daily and I continue to do so. He told me to never think about the money and I haven't. The main reason I followed my dreams was for my daughter. She has watched her Mom face obstacles and overcome them. She is now following her dreams, because I showed her it was possible. In turn my daughter became my biggest motivation to continue knocking doors down.

The circle of powerful womyn she looks up to
I look up to Viola Davis. She is looking to pass the torch and I'm working hard for it to be me. She blows my mind the way Cicely Tyson, Ruby Dee, Angela Bassett did and still does. I want in on that circle of talented women. So I'll work my butt off daily living and loving.

Best advice
"Always maintain your grace." Phylicia Rashad gave me that advice personally at theatre school. I had the pleasure of being in her presence. I've never forgotten her words to me and I have been tested many times in this industry and life since then, but my grace is always in tact. My grace is always remembered and re hired :)

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And, My Artist Challenge to You All - Are You Ready? 

I do difficult in an hour--impossible in a week! 
The running joke with several of my colleagues is that every one else has 24 hours in a day, and I have 32! Needless to say my favorite Jay Z quote is,  " I do difficult in an hour, impossible in a week!"
People ask me every day how do I get so much work done, how am I able to be so productive in my career, life and personal life? How can I balance writing, producing, acting, coaching, and public speaking plus just every day living! So I'm going to give you a few tips!
On Monday, we will begin the seven day Millionaire Artist challenge!  For seven days I will post one simple tip for you to follow to increase your productivity as an artist. Let me know you are up for the challenge by any means of social media!  I will be giving away five tickets in total through out the week  to people who make a comment on either their facebook page, twitter or my blog, about doing the Millionaire Artist Challenge. Let me know how it's going for you, are you learning anything? Doing things differently? 
Remember to tag me or tweet so I know you're doing it! You never know which day I will pick a winner so it's always good to post your comments pertaining to the challenge! Remember  the Millionaire Artist Challenge starts on Monday! I'm looking forward to giving away some tickets! See you soon! 

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Anonymous said...

I so love this girl in her role on Flashpoint! She is amazing and beautiful. So sorry it is ending. How I wish I lived up that way so I could attend your Workshop! Best of Luck!

Barb Canonico from FB