Sunday, January 20

Welcome to Day One of the Artist Challenge!

Artist Challenge Tip #1Start your day in inspiration.

Be fully aware of how you start your day and who you start your day with! 

Do you start your day in a panic? Jump out of bed, frantically rushing through the door? Do you yell at the kids first thing in the morning, get caught up in the frenzy of rushing them to catch the school bus? Or are you constantly groaning about getting up, and do you start bitching right away about your day? Or do you grab the morning paper and get depressed by all the negativity in the world or listen to the morning news to hear about the murder/shooting the night before?

Not me anymore! I know how essential it is to start your day with inspiration!  I usually get up each day anywhere between 530-7am. While lying in bed I first list five things that I'm grateful for and I have a quick mini conversation with God.

Once out of bed, I never turn on the television, watch the news, listen to the radio, or answer the phone before 10am.  I start my day in inspiration. Usually my day begins with me listening to Hay House radio online as I brush my teeth, shower, make my morning tea and prep for the day.  I always do about 20 minutes of yoga and 10 minutes of meditation. 

I "guard" my time and energy from all forms of negativity so I try not to speak to anyone before 10am, who I feel is going to "dump" on me first thing in the morning or bring me down.  I know my morning times are sacred and I honour my mornings.  Often I try to watch an inspiration video on YouTube to get me inspired. My favourites are Les Brown, John Maxwell and recently a coaching client of mine introduced me to Eric Thomas, who I really love – especially his talk about Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas! Brilliant!

Some mornings I will pick up my very well read copy of You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, and randomly just open the book and read a few pages of whatever the book may land on and truly believe that whatever I read in these pages is a message from the universe/God to me. 

You may ask how starting my day in inspiration makes me a better artist. Well, if you start your day from a place of inspiration each morning you will be inspired to see the world differently, be different and inspiration will fuel your creativity!  Below are some of the inspirational videos that I watch in the morning and hay house radio!

Today I challenge you to start your day in inspiration! I bet it will change your life! 

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