Friday, February 1

I Ain't Got Time For Dis!

I've been known to be a straight shooter! And one of the things I have little to no tolerance for are people who complain about stuff but do little to make any changes in their lives. You know the ones? The ones who constantly complain about all the stuff that's not working in their lives.... or maybe you are that person, the person who can't stand their job, can't stand their husband/wife, can't stand the colour of their socks! The list is endless. But day after day, month after month, year after year..... they are doing the same thing wearing the same damn socks! and doing absolutely -----NOTHING to change their circumstances!!!!

I constantly get emails from artistic folks who dream about making it in the industry. They will send me a random email or stop me in the street asking for advice on how to make it,   demanding information!  Yet, when I tell them about my upcoming workshops, they have every excuse in the book of why this time, once again, they won't be able to make it!!! Sabotaging themselves before they even start!

Well, as my mother would say, "I'm done talking! I ain't got time for dis!!!" I'm interested in helping folks who are people of action not talk! So if you want to make some changes in your career, and your life, the  workshop this Saturday is for you! Stop with the excuses and do something different!

There are only 22 tixs left!!! 22??? Are you going to be the person who sits at home again this Saturday complaining or are you going to be the person who is going to take a pro active role in changing your life, be inspired, and network with like minded people! Who do you want to be this year?

Check this new link out to find out what folks have to say!

Please note we will be seating folks with advance tickets first and accommodating walk ups, on a first come, first serve. Guarantee your seat and register over at Eventbrite. We are also accepting email money transfers at

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