Monday, February 4

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Who's Going to Believe in Your Dreams But You?


By: Safia Bartholomew

There's something about seeing a woman who knows who she is at her core, that is so beautiful. A woman that is filled with the wisdom and self-awareness to have a vision of her goals, she knows the boundaries of what she will tolerate as well as the knowledge of what lengths she will go to achieve what is in her heart. This past Saturday, I attended trey's Millionaire Artist workshop and the thing that resonated with me the most was the feeling of being witness to a glow of self-awareness that circled trey and the 4 women panelists that spoke - Olunike Adeliyi, Cindy Ashton, Shannon Skinner, and Denise Bukowski. They all shared their stories of struggle and every obstacle they faced that should have been reason for them not to pursue their dreams, but they didn't listen to that inner voice of fear or any of the outer noise.

The greatest lesson that I took away from the workshop is that there is no point in waiting for perfection to pursue your dreams, because perfection doesn't exist. So many of us are waiting for the right situation, or to meet the right person, or to look Halle Berry pretty. We sit waiting for the confidence to suddenly come to us first before we decide to take the steps to create our vision. But in actuality, confidence comes from pursuing your dreams despite not feeling pretty, or confident but from doing it anyway. The only path to greatness is to stumble then pick yourself up, to shut out the voice of your fears, silence the noise of naysayers and most importantly, to build a belief in oneself that is unshakable. As trey shared, "I'm not arrogant, I'm convinced. There is nothing wrong with believing that you are great. Say it daily to yourself." We ended the day off with everyone standing and shouting out their greatness in unison.

I left the workshop feeling inspired and grateful for all of the ladies that spoke that day. For sharing their stories, advice and by showing us all that real beauty is in absolute confidence. It's a trait that I aspire to stand in and that I believe every woman and man deserves to possess. Scrolling through some of the attendees' Tweets, I realized that many shared my exact sentiment and takeaway:

Did any of you attend trey's workshop this past weekend? What stood out to you? Meet me in the comments section and share the lesson that resonated with you the most!

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Jacqui Morrison said...

I attended Trey Anthony’s Millionaire Artist Workshop in Toronto on February 2, 2013 as part of my birthday weekend. I’m an award-winning published author who tries to remain positive in all situations. I signed up for two reasons. I enjoy listening to Trey and I was impressed with the opportunity to hear the panelists Olunike Adeliyi, Cindy Ashton, Denise Bukowski and Shannon Skinner.

The workshop surpassed all my expectations. I was astounded by Trey’s ability to engage the audience for three straight hours. She was funny, informative and down-to-earth. She provided experiences from her own career that we, as artists, can incorporate in our own careers.

I learned that even if I flounder, get up try again and exude my inner confidence. I would recommend this workshop to any one in an artistic field. Four days later I am still inspired and I am making changes in my life from the inside-out.