Friday, February 8

Is the Ban on Baring Skin at The Grammys Justified or a Restriction on Artistic Expression?

Who doesn't love watching what crazy outfits artists will show up in at the Grammys? For me, I remember the years of the Grammys by memorable outfits: the year of JLO's green dress with the navel grazing neckline, the year that Lady Gaga showed up in that crazy egg...That's what made the Grammys often ridiculous but at least fun to watch.

But yesterday, it was announced that they will be restricting their dress code and strictly enforcing it. The statement released referenced making sure that the, "buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered." They also banned sheer / see-through clothing that could perhaps expose the female nipple.

While I get that in the past years, artists would show up in less and less clothes seemingly playing a game of who can be the most risque and wear the least amount of clothes, I don't know if I am onboard with an actual ban of this. Out of all the red carpets that these people have to show up to, Grammys seemed like the most fun and freeing for them to express themselves and their individual style. But now the Grammy red carpet will be one, like the others, where everyone has to play it safe.

Will you be watching the Grammys this Sunday? And, what do you think about this year's dress code - a good idea or restricting artistic individuality?

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