Wednesday, February 27

Encouraging Our Kids to Move & Eat Right - Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign

I LOVE this campaign! Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' Initiative is so important for our children. With the growing rate of child obesity and the lack of exercise due to the popularity of computers, video games and television, I appreciate the First Lady's stance on finding ways for making living a healthy and active lifestyle look simple, fun and engaging.

I really liked the previous campaign with Beyonce's dance sequence (I sometimes try to get in on a move or two as quick exercise) but am excited to see that she has involved some familiar faces from our childhood -Sesame Street and Big Bird.

In her third year since its inception, Michelle will be going on a national tour for the program starting shortly.

Check out the Let's Move ad below starring Big Bird:

What do you folks think of Michelle's initiative? Will you be trying it out with your kids?

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